How to Get Advertisers for Your Website or Blog?

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Millions of blogs present on the web. For few blogging is a hobby but for few blogging is money. The increase in net users increased online advertising also. Advertisers or sponsors are targeting blog readers. Blogs are communicating more information to netizens. That’s why advertisers or sponsors are using blogs as medium to reach more people by placing ads on blogs.

How to Get Advertisers for Your Website or Blog?

Getting advertisers or sponsors for your blog or website is easy just follow below steps.

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1. Quality Content – Initially when you start your blog focus on quality content. Write content that is easy to understand and useful. Don’t try to copy from other’s post, try to write in your own tone. Then only readers will habituate to your style of writing. Try give as many example as you can for better understanding.

2. Be Regular – Don’t just write a post today and leave the blog for 1 month. Try to set a frequency like publish 2-3 posts every week. Because people love blogs who updates frequently.

3. Advertising Page – Above  2 steps ensure that your blog have enough quality content for attracting advertisers. Next step is to create an Advertising page on your blog. In that page provide all the information about different advertising options that you are providing to the advertisers. Fix the price for different ads based on your traffic and ad size.

4. Write a Post – After creating a page with different advertising options that you are providing, publish a post saying that you are accepting ads on your blog or say that you are doing paid reviews etc. A blog post can reach many advertisers through search engines.

5. Banner Ad – Place an “Advertise Here” banner on your blog space where you are ready to showcase advertisements. This gives advertisers an idea where their ad can be featured on your blog.

6. Research – Do some research how other blogs are getting sponsors or advertisers. See how blogs like Tech Crunch, Mashable, Cnet are getting sponsors. Contact other bloggers like you and ask them how they got advertisers.

7. Search – Do some organic search by using different keywords so that you may get in touch with some advertising companies. Try different keywords in google adwords and contact the advertisers who placed those adwords quote. Say them that your blog matches their product or service.

8. Engage – As a blogger you should register your blog in blogger communities. Engage with bloggers of your area, be interactive. Often advertisers or sponsors visit blogger communities to choose few blogs where they can feature their ads.

9. In Post – At the bottom of every post you can place a message like “Liked our post? Let your product or service get reviewed by us” and give link to your Advertising page where you mentioned different advertising options that you are providing.

10. In Feed – You can also mention a message like above in your RSS feeds so that your readers will also know that you are accepting advertisements on your blog.

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