How to Import or Export Blogger Blog Posts?

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As a Blogspot blogger you do lot of experiments on your blog. Your experiments won’t succeed all the time. Sometimes your customizations may go wrong and there are chances you may loose your blog posts. Think if anyone hacks your account and you loss access to your blog. Then you feel like starting a new blog.  As a blogger it’s always safe to have a backup of your Blogger blog posts. You can import or export your Blogger blog posts. Here goes the procedure.

Import or Export Blogger Blog Posts

If you have a copy of blogger posts xml file. In any odd situations if you lost your blogger posts you can easily import  all your posts. Go to your blogger dashboard click on Settings and then click on other settings. Now you will see Import, Export Delete options on top of the screen. You can either export your blogger posts or if you have an xml file of your posts you can import them.

how toimport or export blogger blog posts


We highly recommend you to take backup of your posts by exporting every week or month so that if anything goes wrong in future you can restore your blog posts and pages by importing from the backup file. If you liked our post please do us a favour by tweeting our post and leave a comment to let us what you think.

3 Comments on “How to Import or Export Blogger Blog Posts?”

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