How to Publish a New Blogger Blog Post

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As part of Blogging series in my previous post I explained how to start a Blogger blog. Once you start a Blogger blog you need to start publishing content. Now I will explain how to publish a new Blogger blog post including On-Page SEO for Blogger. There are many aspects you have to take care to get a good rank for your blog post. Just follow the below steps to publish a new Blogspot blog post

How to Publish a New Blogger Blog Post

Visit and login with your Google account. From your Blogger dashboard click on Blog you want to publish new post and click on New Post.

Blogger Blog New Post

Blogger Post Title

Then you will be redirected to a post editor. Now you have to enter your post title. When you are entering post title make sure you enter descriptive title. If you are trying to target a particular  keyword make sure your post title contains your target keyword. If the keyword appear at the beginning of the title then it will be added advantage. For example I want to publish a post on On-Page seo then I chose my article title as “On-Page SEO Best Practices”.

Blogger Blog Post Title

Blogger Post Content


Post high quality content that people love. From the beginning to the end your post should be in detail. Search engines love lengthy posts. Use your target keywords in the post optimally. Use Headings in your post with your target keyword in it.

Blogger Post Content Heading

Internal Linking

When you want to link to your own page select the text you want to link. Click on Link and enter the url you want to link to in the web address field. If you are linking to your own content don’t check “open this link in  a new window”. If you are linking to outside webpage make sure you open it in a new window. Always select a meaningful text to link to a relevant webpage, don’t just link from single word link from a phrase. You can get more information about internal linking on our internal linking best practices guide.

Blogger Blog Post Internal Linking

Optimizing Images

Pictures speak more than words, that’s why always upload relevant pics in your post. When uploading images make sure you provide alt and title attributes. Just enter a small phrase about the picture. This is very important seo tactic to get good search rank. To upload a picture just click on image icon in the post editor and then you can upload a picture from your computer or upload from your picasa or Blogger library. Once you upload the pic click on it to adjust it’s size, position and properties. In image properties enter Title Text and ALT Text. You can find full details in our post image search engine optimization

Blogger Image SEO


If you want to interpret any HTML or JavaScript code just hit HTML beside the Compose button in the post editor and write or paste the code you want to interpret.

Blogger Blog HTML Editor

Blogger Post Settings

You can find post settings to the right side of your Blogger blog post editor.


Labels are nothing but categories. You can enter which categories names separated by comma and click on Done.  These Labels can be used to sort post based on particular category.

Blogger Blog Post Labels


Whenever you publish a new post on Blogspot blog, Blogger automatically generates url for your post. The default length of url will be 32 characters including dashes (-). If you are not satisfied with the url you can customize url under permalink in as shown in below image. You can find Permalink under Links section of Post settings. Make sure your Blogspot blog post url contains your target keyword. Read our post on Blogger Permalink SEO.

Blogger Blog Post Permalink

Search Description

Search description is nothing but met description which means a summary of 2-3 lines explaining what is your post about. It’s good use your target keyword in the search description field under Blogger post settings.

Blogger Blog Post Search Description


Under options you can control Reader comments, Compose mode and Line breaks. Set the options as shown in below image for better post editing and user control. You can set different options to different posts.

Blogger Post Options

After following all the above steps you can preview your post by hitting Preview button. If you want to draft your post and publish it later just hit Save Button. If you are satisfied with the post just hit the Publish button.

Blogger Blog Post Publish Save Preview Buttons

That’s it you have published a new Blogspot Blog post. Now you have to submit your post to search engines.


Publishing a Blog post on Blogger is damn easy but you have to do some research on what topic you are going to publish a post. Identify the keywords which can drive more traffic to your Blogspot blog and include them in your post title, url, content and alt tags of your images. Keep in mind content is the king, so publish a high quality content that people love.

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  1. Great tutorial for those who just start working online, or just want to create their first blog to express themselves! Will recommend it to friends

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