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For selective censorship Google redirects your Blogger blog to country specific domains. For example some countries won’t allow particular type of content. In that case Google simply blocks those pages in those particular countries and makes them available for other parts of the world. If your blog is it will be redirected to In Australia it will be redirected to etc. If your website is targeted to your own country audience then you don’t need to redirect your Blogger url. If you are targeting global audience then I strongly recommend you to make use of this article. Because drives more traffic to your blogger blog when compared to other blogspot urls.

In this post I will explain how to redirect your Blogspot blog to Adding a small snippet of code can redirect Blogger blog to

How To Redirect Blogger Blog To

1.  Go to your blogger dashboard and click on Template
2. Click on Edit HTML ad then click on Proceed.
3. Check Expand Widget Templates and copy the following code immediately after <head> tag.
4. Finally hit Save template.
After few days of implementing this code search engines like Google will remember your blog as which drives more traffic to your blog.

Redirect Blogger blog to


Redirecting Blogger blog to improves your ranking and drives more traffic to your blog. If you are facing any problem in implementing this code please leave me a comment, I will be happy to help you.

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