How to Transfer YouTube Channel to Another Google Account or Page

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Why to Transfer YouTube Channel to Another Google Account?

Sometimes you want to transfer YouTube channel to another Google account. Either you want to delete your current Google account but retain your YouTube channel or for some reasons you created YouTube channel on Google account which you are not active. If you delete your Google account all your Google products will be deleted including YouTube channel.  In case if you have uploaded many videos to your YouTube channel, which has many subscribers and views. In that case you can transfer YouTube account to another Google account instead of deleting it.

My Scenario

Google introduced content partnership program using which user can monetize their YouTube videos. We link Google adsense account to YouTube channel thus we earn money by placing ads in our videos. Recently I cancelled my adsense application. Here comes the real problem. My YouTube monetization tab was disabled because I don’t have an active adsense account.

Then I decided to change my YouTube account’s mail id. I want to transfer my YouTube channel  to another Google account. Especially I want to transfer my YouTube channel subscribers and the videos. Before May 2009 YouTube and Google are two different products. But now we can login to YouTube account with your Google account and every YouTube channel is linked to a Google+ profile or page.

How to Transfer YouTube Channel to Another Google Account?

Before actually getting into YouTube channel transfer process I would like to mention one thing. If your YouTube channel is connected to a Google+ profile you cannot transfer the channel because you can’t add mangers to your Google+ profile. So this procedure only works with YouTube channels those are connected to Google+ pages.

1. To transfer YouTube channel your channel to a Google+ profile or page.  Switch to channel which you want to transfer and visit channel YouTube Settings there you can see Link Your Channel with Google+. If you created YouTube channel recently a Google+ page by default.

Link YouTube Channel with Google+

2. After connecting YouTube channel to Google+ page you have to add another Google+ Profile as Manger to your page. You can do it in two ways. Either visit channel settings and click on Add or remove managers or visit Google+ page settings and click on Managers tab. If you don’t see add or remove managers in your YouTube channel settings you cannot manually transfer the your YouTube channel. In such case follow the procedure to transfer YouTube channel connected to a Google+ profile discussed in this post.

Google+ Page Add or remove managers

3. Under Managers tab click on Add tab and enter either email id or Google+ profile to which you want to transfer your YouTube channel. Finally hit Invite.

Invite Managers to Google+ Page

4. You will receive an email invitation. Click on Become a manager.

Google+ Email Invitation

5. Now head over to primary Google+ account. Visit Google+ page settings managers tab and click on Transfer ownership.

Google+ Page Transfer Ownership

6. Usually newly added Manager should be active for at least 14 days in order to get ownership.

Google+ Transfer Ownership Alert

After 14 days transfer ownership to manger. From then you can manage your YouTube channel by logging in with new Google account.

How to Transfer YouTube Channel to Google+ Profile or Page?

Now you can transfer your YouTube channel to your Google account or or page. You can move your channel from YouTube advanced settings. Click on Move Channel to your Google Account of different Google+ Page.

YouTube Channel Advanced Settings

Then it will show your YouTube channel current status with it’s linked profile or page and available options.

Move YouTube Channel to other Page or Account

Select desired Google profile or page which you want to connect your YouTube channel. If you are moving to a profile or page which is already connected with other YouTube channel, YouTube will warn you by saying existing channel will get deleted.

Move YouTube channel delete existing channel


After you select the desired Google profile or page click on Move Channel.

Move YouTube channel

Then YouTube will warn about your action just confirm by clicking on Move Channel.

Confirm YouTube channel move

Now you can see message saying “Your YouTube channel has been successfully moved”.

YouTube channel moved

Check out below tutorial to learn how to move your YouTube channel to Google profile or page.


Transferring your YouTube channel is very easy. Just transfer ownership of the associated Google+ page to new Google account. Using this procedure your entire YouTube channel along with subscribers and videos gets transferred to a new Google+ page or profile associated with another Gmail id. Hope our post helped in transferring your YouTube channel to other Google account.

If our post helped in transferring your YouTube channel to other Google account please do us a favor by subscribing to our YouTube channel 🙂

96 Comments on “How to Transfer YouTube Channel to Another Google Account or Page”

    1. Do you have YouTube channel first? or If you created YouTube channel recently by default a Google+ page will be created. Check those and let me know how can I help you?

      1. I created channel long back with old gmail but now I want to change id with my new gmail id . Help me how to change

        1. In that case you need to connect with Google+ page and transfer ownership. Check whether you can see “Add or remove managers” in channel settings and let me know.

  1. Anil, I have a question. My goal is to transfer the owner of my youtube to a different google account…but I might have done this in the wrong order.

    I created a G+ page on the account I want to be the new owner (account A). Then I connected the current youtube acct(account B) to the G+ page. So they are connected…but Account B is still the owner of the channel and manager of the page and Account A is the owner of the page. I want Account A to own both.

    Should I transfer ownership of the page to Account B (after 14 days)…then transfer it back? Let me know

    1. Steve,
      Actually since B possess the channel he/she has to transfer the ownership of G+ page associated with the YouTube channel. But you did it in reverse order. You can do it in 2 ways now. If B has G+ page connected with channel, let B transfer the ownership or as you proposed, you transfer ownership and then B transfers ownership back to you. Hope now you understood 🙂

  2. Hey Anil,

    I have tried and tried to find a way to do this using your guide but for some reason the managers page is not coming up. I can’t even find it in my YouTube or Google+ settings any where. Please help me as I want to delete my old email account and transfer my YouTube account to my new email address.

    The current YouTube email account address was one I made when I was 14 and its lame. I want to delete it and use my new one but I can’t find out how. Where exactly is the managers page?

    Thank you
    Jake Paul Green

    1. Jake, first check whether your YouTube channel is connected to a Google+ page. Next you have to open Google+ account with your new email id to which you want to transfer your YouTube channel. Note: If your YouTube channel is connected to a Google+ profile you cannot transfer the ownership.

      1. I am also stuck on step 2.
        I added my youtube account to my old Email’s Google+ account as described in step 1. Now I like to add my new Google-Mail-account as a manager but the setting is missing in the settingsmenue. It is just not there?!

        Can you please help me?

        1. Simon, please cross check once again whether your YouTube channel is connected to Google+ profile or Page? This procedure only works for channels connected to Google+ pages because you cannot add managers to your Google+ profiles.

          1. Simon, I can clearly see that you connected a Google+ profile to YouTube channel. You cannot add managers to Google+ profiles hence you cannot move your YouTube channel. First you disconnect Google+ profile from channel. Then transfer the Google+ page associated with other mail to your original account and then connect YouTube channel to the newly transferred Google+ page.

  3. Dear Anil

    Thanks for the info and i am waiting for transferring the ownership .

    But my real question is , after you transferred the account , did youtube reenabled the monetization tab?

    did the change in account work for you ?

    1. It depends on why they disabled monetization. If it is disabled because for copyright strikes you have to wait for 6 months. If it is for fraud clicks you have to appeal them saying that you are not aware of clicks.

      1. Hi… Im reading comments but I havent got answer to my question.. ” Does this method fix the Issue on Monetization?” As I understand as I read comments.. This doesnt actually fix the monetization issues. My adsense is disable and Im hoping that transfering of owner would fix the problem.. but I guess not. 🙁

  4. Hey Anil great Post, one question for you, after you Transfer the ownership of the youtube channel it can not be access with the original account anymore right?

    1. Vhiarly, You just transferred ownership so old owner will become manager. So if you don’t want to access with old account delete him/her from managers list.

  5. Hi Anil,
    thanks for your manual. Everything worked just fine. I’m worried about one thing though. I use my gmail account via Google Apps and this account is currently an owner of my YT channel (which currently appears as a Google page). Now we are signing off from Google Apps (we will change MX for our business domain so it will no longer be connected with Google Apps) so I’ve moved all of my content (calendar, mail, contacts etc) and I also added my private account as a manager. I can move ownership only after 14 days, but I have to do it from owner account (google apps one). Thing is, that I’m worried that when we switch MX, I won’t be able to log in to that account, since my user name will no longer be connected to google apps… Any ideas? Thank you in advance.!


    1. Maciej, Im afraid you may loose your channel or the new account gets ownership. This is very peculiar case after 14 days please inform us what happened to your channel.

  6. Thanks for your input, this is what I thought.. I’m hoping my new account will get ownership or there will be some additional information during that switch… Lucky enough, the only things I won’t be able to do as manager is to add another managers or remove them.. So basically I should be able to do almost anything… Well, finger crossed!

  7. ok, we have postponed it till next weekend, so I’ll give you an update then. It’s still gong to be less than 14 days, so we’ll find out what will happen.. I will sacrifice in the name of science 😉

  8. Please help! I am trying to transfer ownership for my company youtube to the company gmail (somehow got linked to my personal gmail) I cannot tranfer ownership yet of my google+ page because it has not been two weeks and I need to have it done sooner than that so I can have my videos uploaded. I do not want to lose my videos and/or views

    1. Mellisa, in that case I would recommend you to approach the YouTube team. In the conclusion part of this post I gave a link to contact YouTube team please go ahead with that.

  9. Hi Anil,
    fortunately for me, but not fortunate for the “science and common knowledge” 😉 my company didn’t manage to switch MX before 14 days period, so I was able to move my ownership without any problems. Anyway, thanks a lot for staying in touch!


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  11. Hi Anil….I have a quick question and am hoping you can help me with. Our company set up a youtube channel years ago ( and I would like to take all the current videos/subscribers and transfer them to our corporate google+ business page, which is ( Can you please provide some insight on how I can accomplish this as I am trying to put everything under one umbrella. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Travis, in the post conclusion part I gave a link to YouTube support, give them details like which channel to connect to which page they will do it for you.

  12. i uploaded videos on this account (nair@@,,) and also created a profile unknowingly 🙁 now i want to transfer those videos or youtube channel to the other account (live4@@,,,,…) becos i cannot change the email id or name from nair@@… hope u get me 🙂

    1. Akshay under your Google+ profile managers list add (live4@@,,,,…) as manager and transfer the ownership after 14 days. Else I gave a link to YouTube support team in this post contact them they will transfer your YouTube channel.

  13. Thanks for the info!
    I want my youtube account to be associated with a different gmail than the one it’s currently associated with. I followed all the steps and transferred ownership to the gmail account I want, but youtube doesn’t log into the account with the new email address so I still have to log into the old gmail account to sign into youtube.
    If i delete the old gmail account from being a manager, so that the only account left is the new one that has ownership, will I then be able to log into youtube from my new gmail account?

    1. Doreen, usually after you transfer the ownership you should be able to login with your new gmail id. As you said you have problem in logging please contact YouTube support for which I gave a link in this post.

  14. Dear Anil.

    I read your tutorial. Let me explain my case:

    1. I have a youtube channel for my rock band linked to a Google + profile with, let say, This channel has more than 1000 suscribers and a lot of views I don’t wanna miss. Problem is that in this channel I have the monetization disabled as a consequence of being part of a MultiChannelNetwork that apparently has done some ilegal clics or something.

    The name of the channel is Nivoznivotoyoutubify

    2. I have another youtube channel for my personal videos linked to another Google + profile with another email

    The name of the channel is XCoBoZX

    3. Google + profile 1 added as a manager Google + profile 2, now I have to wait 14 days to transfer the ownership, views and suscribers as I understand from your tutorial.

    4. Questions are: (i) The views, suscribers and name of the channel transfers for real? (ii) or Im going to have 2 channels under the administration of google + profile 2? (iii) What happened with the name of the transferred youtube channel? (iv) The transferred videos are allowed to have monetization up again? take in consideration that in youtube channel 2 – XCoBoZX – everything is clean.

    Sorry for my long post (and my english) but Im trying to do the right thing.



    1. Walter, all YouTube videos, views, subscribers and subscriptions will be permanently transferred. After the transfer YouTube monetization may/may not work depending on the move you made.

  15. I have a youtube channel linked to my google plus page but what I want to do is make the page go away without losing my youtube channel, I just want to link my youtube channel directly to my current Google profile so people can place me in their circle on google, but again.. WITHOUT losing my profile since I really want to keep my username, so can you tell me how I can do that?

  16. If My YouTube channel is connected to a Google+ profile I cannot transfer the channel because I can’t add mangers to your Google+ profile but how can I fixed this? Do I can make a page and edit it and add my profile channel to it..????

    1. Borah, you can transfer your YouTube channel even though it is connected to a Google+ profile. I gave a link to YouTube support in my post please follow that.

  17. If my youtube channel block to adsense… and transfers to another account cant I monetize again my channel… ty

  18. Hi.. I m just wondering if this method fixed your problem about monetization? My current channel monetization is disabled too. What I’m hoping is to have my videos monetized again using the new google account.

    would this process (transferring ownership)would fix monetization problem?

    Your reply would be appreciated 🙂

  19. Hello,

    Back to my problem, I have made a new google account and would like my youtube channel as well as my google+ circles, posts and photos to be migrated to my new google account. I really don’t like my old email and I really would like to keep my content. My Youtube Channel is linked to my Google+ “Profile” and therefore I don’t have a manager option.


    1. Muhammad, I gave a link to YouTube support service. They will transfer YouTube channel even if it is connected to a Google+ profile. Go ahead with that link.

  20. Hi Anil,

    I am trying to change the username of the company YouTube channel. It is linked to an employees gmail work account. How do I do this without deleting the employees account. I was going to create a new account with a generic email and change the username using google plus? Is this the best way?

    Many thanks,

    1. You can change the name of your YouTube channel but not username. If your YouTube channel is linked to a Google+ page then just change the name of the Google+ page. If you want to unlink YouTube channel from your employees account then just add another gmail account as manager to the channel and then transfer the channel to the new account.

  21. hi,
    few months back youtube disable monitization of my account due to invalid clicks, but we are not aware of that what we should do to enable monitize my account.

  22. I have created an additional on my youtube account (I think using Google+ page). Can I move videos from main page to this channel?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  23. Hii

    My you tube channel is suspended because of multiple duplicated videos.

    Please help me to solve this problem …..

  24. Hello Anil,

    We have 5 Youtube accounts in our company and I would like to merge them as a one.

    I was managed to link accounts to a “master” youtube channel but however those channels are showing under the “Subscriptions” of main account. Can I now remove access of original holder account to these channels?

    Is this the only way to merge these accounts?

    Thank you very much!


  25. Hi! My Youtube channel is
    I really want to change the link but since Google allows us to change it just once, I can’t do anything.
    I have created a new account, G+ Page and a channel with the proper link. I want to transfer my videos, subscribers, views and earning to my new account with the new link. This way I want to retain all the subscribers, views, earnings and videos and want to have a new channel with the proper link. Is it possible?
    Note : I want to transfer my AdSense earnings too. Also, my old and my new account are connected to the same AdSense Account

    1. Apurv, you can only transfer YouTube channel. You cannot migrate AdSense account, you can add few more emails to your AdSense account. Contact YouTube support may be they can help in modifying your channel url. I gave a link to support team use that to contact YouTube support team.

  26. Hi Thank you for this article. I’ve been looking one like this!

    But I have a question. I’ve been wondering if Adsense account can be migrated too? Because I have disabled account and I wanted to change it’s adsense management. Do you know how?

    Thank you so much sir!

  27. Hello brother, need help.
    I have a channel (100 subscribers) with a google profile connected to it, which I think I can disconnect and make it free so that I can follow the procedure above. Possible to disconnect? I want to transfer its ownership to another profile (which has its own channel, which I am willing to delete).
    Please guide? Can you give your email so I can mail you separately?
    Joy Gill

  28. Just sent this email to Google:

    Hello, need help.

    This is my channel (100 subscribers) with a google profile connected to it. I am the owner of this profile/email/channel.

    I want to transfer the ownership of this channel (subscribers intact) to another profile of mine – (which has its own two channels – one profile channel and another page channel, both of which I am willing to delete, if need be since one has 0 subscribers and another has only 4).

    Please guide and help, as these 100 subscribers are crucial to my upcoming music videos. Should I start uploading anyway? or wait till you resolve the matter technically?

    Thanks and appreciate much,

    Joy Gill (Christopher Joseph)
    +91 8826107775

    1. Joy, read the post carefully you can’t transfer YouTube channel to another Gmail rather you can connect it to Google+ profile or page created on other Gmail account. You can also see the link to YouTube support team in my post. Hope that helps 🙂

  29. You have either created this channel or closed another account too recently, please try again later.

    bro, I tried deleting one of my channels, and got this note. Do you know how long we must wait before we try again?


  30. I transfer my youtube channel to another google account than i have been changed ownership of my youtube channel successfully. But Link your channel with google+ tab not showing in advance setting. What i Do to change google+ page on my transferred channel.
    Please give me a solution.

  31. Hi,

    I connected my old Youtube account to a page and invited my new email address as a manager. I haven’t received the invite yet (it’s been 2 hours). The old page shows that an invite has been sent to the said Email ID.

    Any idea approximately how long does it take for the invite to arrive?


    1. Bagbugi, You don’t receive an email for this. When you login to the page with your new email then a notification will popup on your page. You can accept the invitation there. Hope that helps 🙂

      1. Hi Anil,

        So do I not see not even a notification, because the new email does not have a page? Because when I go to Advanced Settings of my New email’s page, I cannot see “Add Manager” options. (Although the old login page still says the new manager has been invited).

        Thanks for you help, man. Really appreciate.

  32. Hi Anil, thanks for such a great post! My problem is a little more complicated. The AdSense account associated with my YouTube channel got deactivated a couple of years ago for invalid clicking on my website, it didn’t have to do with YouTube at all since I did not monetize my videos back then. I’ve been monetizing my videos for over a year now because I associated my new adsense account with my YouTube but I can’t become part of a network because of the AdSense block on my initial account. It’s a very strange situation but I was hoping that since the block wasn’t because of my YouTube they would let me transfer it to my new Google Plus account and I can get my channel on a network. Do you think it’s worth a shot?

  33. I never got the email confirmation after step 3. I tried contacting Google customer service but it’s so abysmal I doubt that they’d do anything about it.

  34. AdSense account disabled for invalid activity…i appeld the form..but got rejected..what can i do now for reinstate my youtube account monetization

  35. Thanks for reply. But it’s not working. When i moved channel to other mail id monetisation not restored.
    If someone can provide working way how to restore YT monetization i’m ready to pay $100 for info

    1. Rus, YouTube has identified that people are using channel transfer to reinstate the monetization. So they changed their algorithm. We are sorry for that 🙁

  36. Hi ,Dear can you guide when we change the ownership of our channel (Our specific earning associated to that channel is also transfer or not ) please clarify ??
    waiting for your replay

  37. My youtube channel was disable due to invalid click so can i transfer the ownership to a different google account different ip address can i restore monentization by creating a new email sign up ….please help to know this

    and if i want to open another channel would i be able to start that with a different ip address and a email

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