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Sometimes we want to know whether our email has been read or not. If read we want to know when and where the email has been read. In our previous post we published an article on email tracking using SpyPig. But due to some technical issues SpyPig is down from last 1 year. Lot of readers asked us an alternative to SpyPig for email tracking. So we decided to introduce a SpyPig alternative to our readers for email tracking. When we tried to find an alternative to SpyPig we found so many websites which are providing email tracking services. But IfRead is the only website which works exactly as SpyPig. In this post we will explain how If Read email tracking works.

IfRead Email Tracking

To say simply Ifread uses an image to track and send email open notifications to the user. You can also set a reminder which will alert you if the email is not opened in specified number of days. Visit IfRead, on homepage itself you can see email tracking service form. Follow the below steps for email tracking using Ifread.

1. Enter the email id to which you want receive email read notification.
2. Enter the subject for Ifread email read notification.
3. Select a tracking image to use it in the email.
4. Check reminder to receive an email if the mail isn’t opened in specified number of days.
5. Click on track button, copy the loaded tracking image and paste in the email which you want to track.

IfRead Email Tracking Service

Once you sent a mail with the tracking image if the recipient opens the mail you will receive a notification mail from Ifread with a link to tracking report as shown in below picture.

Ifread email notification

If you click on the link it will show a report of your tracking details, when and where your email has been read and how many times the recipient read the email. Following is sample Ifread email tracking report.

Ifread email tracking report


Ifread is a simple email tracking service and highly recommended for those who are looking for SpyPig kind of email tracking service. But in our test we found there is a latency in email read notification, I mean if the recipient read your email you will receive a notification email from Ifread a bit later. Try Ifread for your email tracking and let us know your experience with it.

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