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Search engine optimization is very important for publishers. Take a look at our WordPress seo guide and Blogger seo guide. It decides your blog or website rank. Page rank depends on different factors. One such factor is website images. Now we will learn how to optimize website images for good page rank. Ever wonder how google images search work? Earlier I had a wrong notion that we can upload images to google images. But google images search works similar to google search.  Content developers or publishers use images in their websites. Based on your page rank your images will appear in google images search related to the query.

How to do Image Search Engine Optimization?

Optimizing images is also a search engine optimization technique. We use image tag to place images in our websites. Typical image tag looks like this
<img src=”url of image” />

Image Tag Alt attribute

Search engines crawl better if you provide alternate attribute to your image tag. An alternate attribute gives an alternate information to the image. If for some reasons browser can’t load images then this alternate description will be shown. We can define alternate text like below
<img src=”url of image” alt=”text” /> 
For example if google search page image fails to load then it will be like in below pic. Here Google in the box is an alternate text.

image tag alt attribute

Image Tag Title Attribute

Title attribute displays text in small box when cursor placed on the image. For example place cursor on above image small text box will appear on your screen as shown in below pic. We can define title attribute like below
<img src=”url of image” title=”text” />

image tag title attribute

Blogspot Blog Img Tag Title and Alt attributes

You can add title and alt attributes to blogger blog in 2 ways

1. After uploading image in post editor click on image and select properties to add title and alt attributes to image as shown in below pic.

adding alt and title attributes to images in blogger

2. Blogspot bloggers while writing new posts after uploading a pic to your post click on HTML in your post editor and then find <img and add alt and title attributes as shown in below pic and then save the post.

blogger post editor

WordPress Bloggers

WordPress bloggers can provide title, alt, caption attributes while uploading an image to the post.

adding alt and title attributes to images in wordpress

<img src=”url of image” />

<img src=”url of image” alt=”text” />

<img src=”url of image” alt=”text”  title=”text” />

**Note: Always write text that suits to your image and do not write lengthy texts.
**Watch this video Matt Cutts explaining the importance of alt Tag for search engine optimization.


Images can drive significant traffic to your blog or website and it is also one of the ranking factors because search engines check whether images in your content has alt and title tags. So I strongly recommend you to use alt and title tags in your images.

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