IPv6 Launch Event Note

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What is ip?

ip address is an unique identification number assigned to each and every device that is connected to internet. There are basically two versions of ip addresses available IPv4 and IPv6. Internet was designed in 1973 and launched in 1983 from then we are using IPv4 which is a 32-bit ip address. IPv4 can address upto 4.3 Billion devices.


Why ipv6?

These days TV, Mobiles, PCs, Notebooks, Watches, Cars, Fridges and so on are connected to Internet. That’s why we are running out of ip addresses. If this happens new devices cannot connect to Internet. To avoid this situation in 1996 IPv6 was designed which is a 128-bit ip address. It can address upto 340 trillion trillion trillion devices. IPv6 is officially on June 6th 2012. Slowly internet is going to roll out IPv6.  This the beginning of the new, larger version of the Internet.


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