Know the Manufacture Date of Your PC

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Every PC or laptop has a manufacture date. You can check your PC’s manufacturing date in 2 simple commands. Just follow below steps. Note: below commands works only to know the manufacture date of PCs running 16-bit or 32-bit or x86 operating system. It won’t work on 64-bit or x64 operating system.

Step 1:
Go to start menu. Click on Run. A dialog box will appear, in that type cmd to open Command prompt.

Windows Run

Step 2:
In command prompt type Debug as shown in below pic and hit enter.

Windows Command Prompt

Step 3:
After hitting enter the pointer will blink in the next line as shown above then  type DF000:FFF5 as shown below pic and hit enter.

Windows Command Prompt

Manufacturing date of your PC appears as in the below pic. In my case it is 04/25/11.

Manufacturing Date of PC or Laptop

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20 Comments on “Know the Manufacture Date of Your PC”

      1. Thank you bro..Anil Anvesh…It`s work.
        Can you tell if my pen drive is protected and do not edit any thing in it.

  1. I did this on my Sony vaio but it does not recognise DEBUG as a internal or external command, I have windows 10. Please help.

  2. it’s show me the wrong date : in my laptop it is showing : 07/03/95
    but my laptop model is: hp 15-1003dx
    this model has been created by hp first time in 2014. so how could be manufactured date 95???

  3. I try this on my’s shows past year date…but i bought laptop past month… Doe’s they give me a old laptop ? its look like they give me old laptop…:(

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