Let the Tablet do Yoga for You

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With the invention of tablets PC market entered into a new dimension. Most of our common PC tasks like email reading, creating presentations, web surfing and video chats we can do on tablet. Tablets are portable thus we can carry them everywhere. Every year tablets market is growing more than traditional desktop and notebook market. According to Canalys report in the year 2014 tablets will almost out ship all other PC formats including desktops and notebooks. Total 285 million units of tablets will be shipped, which is 50% of entire PC market. 185 million units of Android tablets are going to be shipped, which 65% of entire tablets’ market share.

PC Notebook Tablets Market Share in 2014

Why Lenovo Yoga Tablet ?

Typical tablet’s screen size ranges from 7 inches to 10 inches. Ever since the evolution of tablet all the companies just concentrated on advanced hardware and reducing the thickness of the tablet. No one concentrated on the ease of use. If you want to use a tablet you have to hold it with your hand. If you want to watch a movie, how much time you can hold it like that. May be 1 or 2 hours, after that you will keep it away. It’s also difficult to type while holding tablet. Another big issue with tablets is battery. If you continuously surf internet for 2 to 3 hours the battery will be dead.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet

Considering all the above points Lenovo has come up with brand new Yoga tablets. Yoga tablet has kick stand using which you can use the tablet in 3 modes namely hold, stand and tilt. It’s 9000mAh battery gives up to 18 hours of battery life. It runs on popular mobile os Android 4.2.2.

My Day with Yoga Tablet

Frankly I don’t have any tablet or smartphone or even a feature phone. So I’m going to narrate how I use my tablet if I own a Lenovo Yoga tablet. Assume I have WiFi connectivity at home, office and outside through smartphone WiFi tethering.

Wakeup – Early in the morning I wake up with alarm sound from my tablet. I’ll put the tablet in tilt mode and will listen to local news while brushing and bathing.

Breakfast – While having breakfast I’ll read my emails and check the notifications in social sites like Facebook, twitter and Google+.

On the way to Office – Usually when I travel I just listen to music. If I find anything interesting on my way I’ll click it, apply some instagram affects and share it with my online friends 🙂

In Office – In office I’ll keep my tablet in stand mode. During free time I play games like angry birds, cut rope. In office functions I’ll take snaps of my colleagues.

On Bed – After I reach home from office. I’ll play music on tablet mean while I’ll get refreshed. After having dinner I’ll hangout with my friends in a video chat. Finally I’ll sleep keeping my tablet in tilt mode.

Weekends – On weekends I attend blogger meets where I take snaps of my fellow bloggers and the event. When I go out for shopping I take the snaps of latest gadgets for using in my blog reviews. If I’m in product launch event I’ll do live blogging about the event by posting event snaps.

That’s how I use tablet in my daily life 🙂

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