List of Google Products

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We all know that how internet made our lives so easy. Today we can get any information from net. Search engines made internet usage even more easy. You don’t need to remember every site URL, you can just search whatever you want and the search engine will show relevant results.

There are several search engines available across the web of which most popular is google. Other than search engine there are various google products that are user friendly.

List of google products

List of Google Products

1. Search – Displays results from across the web relevant to your search query.
2. Youtube – Share your videos with friends, family, and the world.
3. Images – Displays Image results based on your search query
4. Maps –  Is a web mapping service application that gives areal or satellite images of the world.
5. Places – List your business on google maps or rate places on google maps.
6. News – Collects popular news from different e-newspapers and displays the aggregated news.
7. Gmail –  Provides mailing service.
8. Picasa – Stores your photo albums and can share to your friends or to the world.
9. Documents – Can store different types of documents in online.
10. Books – Collection of e-books of different categories.
11. Translate – Translates one language into another language.
12. Blogger – Provides blogging service where users can write the articles of their interest.
13. Offers – Get amazing offers at the best places to eat, shop & play straight to your inbox.
14. Wallet – Makes buying easy with one wallet for online, mobile and in-store shopping.
15. Shopping – Grab the deals and Shop online.
16. Reader –  A tool for gathering, reading and sharing interesting blogs and websites that you read online.
17. Finance –  Get real-time stock quotes, charts, financial news, currency conversion & track your portfolio.
18. Videos –  Search and watch millions of videos. Includes forums or personalized recommendations.
19. Hotel Finder – Browse hotel photo galleries, read visitor reviews & discover popular areas in the city.
20. Flights – Choose your flight, explore the destinations on map and find travel dates with the lowest fare.
21. Patents – Read and download millions of patents and patent applications
22. Recipes – Helps you find recipes from across the web.
23. Scholar – Helps you find scholarly literature across the web including theses, books, abstracts & articles.
24. Calendar – Keep track of  your life’s important events, Schedules & share with family & friends.
25. Checkout – Faster, safer and more convenient way to shop online.
26. Education – Colleges and universities interested in providing computer science training.
27. Apps – Apps for business that saves your time and money.
28. Mobile – Get google’s mobile apps.
29. Dashboard – Offers simple view into the data associated with your google account.
30. Play – Purchase your favorite music, movies, books, apps & games in one place.
31. Adsense – Revenue sharing program for publishers by placing targeted ads.
32. Sites – Free and easy way to create and share webpages.
33. Affiliates – Helps advertisers increase online conversions and enables publishers to monetize traffic with affiliate ads.

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