How to Manage Your Cluttered Yahoo Mail Inbox?

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Yahoo mail is popular as well as one of the most preferable web-based mail services. A variety of features provided by Yahoo makes it user-friendly and easy to use. Every day a number of emails are received to the Yahoo users. Some are work related, job-related or they can be of your family or friends. All these emails can be reached for through the inbox of the Yahoo mail.

The limitation is that all these emails can make our inbox similar to trash where all the emails are lying irrespective of the fact that they are important or not. When we need to search for a particular mail from a particular person, we have to go through a number of emails which makes the task more difficult.

To get rid of this situation, you can manage your cluttered mailbox and arrange them in a way which makes your inbox looks more organized and well-maintained. Yahoo has this feature to clear your inbox and organize the mails by providing various filters for them. You can also get the required support for this purpose at our Yahoo email customer service number.

Following are the steps in which you can organize your Yahoo mail inbox:

● You can create various filters to receive a particular mail in a particular folder. However, creating a filter will only work for the upcoming emails and not for the existing ones. To create a new filter:

1. Move to the settings option.
2. Click on ‘Filters’ option.
3. Then ‘Add’.
4. Enter a name for the filter you have created as well as the criteria.
5. Select the folder for the where you want the emails to be delivered.
6. Save all the changes you have made.

● If you want to change an already existing filter, you can edit it from the settings. You need to click on the edit option of the filter and then save the changes.

● You can set the priority of the filters you have created by moving them up or down.

● If you no longer require a filter you can delete it from the settings option. Make sure to save the changes.

So in order to give your inbox a more organized look, you can use the above steps. In case you require any help for this purpose or any other Yahoo issue, get connected to us through Yahoo support number.

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