Microsoft Outlook Email Features

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Last year Microsoft released a series of products Windows 8, Surface Tablet, Windows Phone 8, Office 15 or Office 2013. This time Microsoft came up with a brand new email service called Outlook with faster and cleaner interface. Here are some of the features of Outlook email.

Microsoft Outlook Email Features

1. Interface – The graphical user interface of outlook email is simple in terms of look and feel. Fast fluid interface I must say.
2. Social Connect – You can see what your friends sharing on facebook and twitter in Outlook email by connecting your facebook and twitter accounts. You can even chat with your facebook friends right from Outlook email.
3. Skype – You can do video chats with your friends in online using Skype video call feature.
4. Skydrive – You can save files to your skydrive and can access files in your skydrive. Thus everything is on cloud.
5. Categories – You can categorize your mails into different groups like labels in Gmail. Outlook email has many Categories included like shopping, documents, photos, family, bills etc.
6. Email Compose – If there many people with the same name in your contact list you may get confused which one to select while composing a new mail. In outlook while selecting a receiver it displays their profile picture for user convenience.

microsoft outlook email features

In short it is a social friendly mail. New users can create an account or users with existing hotmail or msn id can login and experince the new outlook.To get started Click here

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