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mobile app development services

Mobile app Testing Services Strategy

Now-a-days mobile applications are playing a prominent role in every individual daily life. The necessity of the mobile applications has been growing for every minute. Many people are using smart phones in present generation and are addicted to the mobile technology based smartphone applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, Instagram, Uber, Ola, Paytm and entertainment apps. There is a huge future growth is to mobile apps in coming days. Keep your reading more about mobile app testing.

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mobile app testing strategy

iPhone Android app development : Mobile app testing strategy

Top mobile app development platforms

Google play, windows phone store, blackberry app world, and apple app store is the main storage sources for the mobile applications. Where we can find lakhs of mobile applications. These are the main source for the infinite applications of which some are free and some are paid apps. Mobile apps are generally offered for basic needs of a mobile user such as email, calendar, contacts, stock market, health and weather information. But based on the public demand variety of apps are came into focus. Continue your reading mobile technology articles about mobile app testing strategy plan.

Custom Mobile app Development

Mobile apps are developed based on the requirements of the mobile users and easy to understand options and features. It should be kept in mind that the app should be developed based on the screen resolution and size, hardware specifications and configuration of the handset.

Mobile app Development Ideas

Always come with the new and unique development ideas so that the app which is developed has a scope of standing ahead based on customer rating and usage of the app. Not only the mobile app should be user friendly but the main objective of the app is to secure the user information. Read below the type of mobile app testing services offering by phone app development companies.

Business app development companies

The compatibility and reliability in functioning standards has set the new limitations to growth of mobile applications. The essence of every mobile app generates its parent mark leaving end user to satisfy or dissatisfy. To declare a mobile application is competent for its job, mobile application testing plays a pivotal role in detecting the existing mobile app coding bugs and mobile app security which is to protect your online privacy.

Types of mobile app testing

Functionality testing:

The name itself describes the core idea of this testing; functionality testing is majorly done by using the device interface and declaring every flow is going in right path or not. Apart from the interface, the call flow is also checked whether everything is moving in desired ranges or not.

Performance testing:

Performance testing is to certify an application’s performance in all the basic and worst-case scenarios. The application will be loaded with many users at a time to function it, this enables to declare a app withstanding capability on huge user hit rate and server response.

Performance testing is also used to check an application in other vital constraints like, running app on low battering mode, bad network coverage and low available memory.

Laboratory testing:

This testing ensures a mobile application’s performance while, it uses or transfers the voice over data medium or other wireless networks.

Memory leakage testing:

As, memory stands the one of the limitations on the performance of any mobile application, this testing make sure smooth running of an application under less memory space or lagging in the performance in case of system worsens to manage the allocated memory.

Interrupt testing:

Any user faces many interruptions while the application is under functioning stage which include,

Receiving of call
Receiving of SMS
Lost connectivity from internet
Freezing of functionality issues
Sudden battery removal
Insufficient power to run app

This testing declares an application is worth able to handle all these interruptions and function smoothly.

Installation testing:

Even though, many applications comes from the parent operating system, users like to download the applications from the internet to fulfill their needs and this testing certifies an application to run its installation smoothly instead of facing, error in installation or error in extracting package issues.

At present, there are many emerging mobile technologies which are used to test the apps before they are available for the end user and detects the defects of the apps based on the testing methods. Some of the other mobile app testings are:

• Compatibility testing
• Regression testing
• Integration and system testing
• Usability testing
• Data exchange and synchronization testing

These are some types of software application testing which are used by the developers to keep the application safe and secure so that no third-party site can gather the information of the app user. In present day situation, mobile apps have become the basic need for every individual who is using a smartphone.

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