New Apple iOS Update : How to Update to iOS Features

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new apple ios update

How to Get the New Apple iOS Update

What is New Apple iOS Update and what’s in the new ios update are always frequently repeated question in the Apple iOS forum. There are a lot of threads appearing and looking for best answer for how to get the new ios update and when is the new iOS update coming out etc.

Get New Apple iOS Update

new apple ios update

How to update iOS software to the latest version

Continue your reading on Tech Knol latest technology updates article on trendy technology news about Expert Advice On A DIY Guide for What are Apple iOS software bugs and issues. Read now latest mobile app technology updates article about How to Expert Advice On A DIY Software Solution that keeps all iOS app developer to create agile mobile applications with iOS software for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod devices.

How to Get the New iOS Software Update

Welcome to Tech Knol iOS update guide – DIY iOS software solution. Find out how to update your iPhone or iPad or iPod to the latest iOS version, getting a number of new features those fix bugs and existing issues in iOS software that runs on your iPhone and iPad, iPod touch. In this article it take you through how to download, install the latest iOS version in your Apple devices.

How to Install New iOS Update Version

Users can download and install iOS 11.0.1 from the Software Update mechanism found on their iPhone or iPad. Get backup your Apple device before installing the new iOS update version.

Open the Settings app > General > Software Update
Choose “Download & Install” when new Apple iOS update becomes available.

In some cases, the new Apple iOS update such as iOS 11.0.1 software update may not appear as they installed iOS beta version version. Remove the beta veta version in order to install latest iOS version for your iPhone, iPad and Ipod touch.

In iOS 11 with a variety of new user features and bug fixes, security improvements to the Apple’ mobile operating system, you can find some of the best features in iOS 11 versions, here if you are not much aware of what’s new in the software update. Find here iOS version history.

how to update ios to the latest version

New Apple iOS Update

iOS Version history: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

iOS Software Version and Release date

iOS Software Version iOS Software Release Date
                    1              January 9, 2007
                    1.1.5              June 29, 2007
                    2.0              July 11, 2008
                    3.0              June 17, 2009
                    3.1.3              Feb 2, 2010
                    4.2.1              Nov 22, 2010
                    5.1.1               May 7, 2012
                    6.1.6               Feb 21, 2014
                    7.1.2               Jun 30, 2014
                    8.4.2               Dec 12, 2016
                    9.3.5               Aug 25, 2016
                    10               September 13, 2016
                    10.3.3               Jul 19, 2017
                    11               September 19, 2017
                    11.1.1               November 9, 2017
                    11.1.2               Nov 16, 2017
                    11.2 beta 4               Nov 17, 2017

Popular Software Bugs and Issues in iOS

Have you read what is ios version history with what is the latest iOS version and its release dates (publicly). Had curious about when is the next ios update? Wait…! before finding answer to new ios release date and ios new update features etc, Find here what are popular software bugs and issues in iOS mobile operating system existing till today. Get now What are iOS Software Latest version, Problems, Fixes, Features…

New Apple iOS Update – List of iOS Software Bugs and Issues

  1. Alarm clock bugs
  2. Battery drain bugs
  3. Wi-Fi access issues
  4. SIM card unidentify
  5. Echo bugs during phone calls made through earbuds
  6. Display of wrong location on Apple Maps
  7. Problem with Bluetooth audio streaming
  8. Malfunction of Location-based Reminders
  9. Problems with cellular network connectivity
  10. Bug with the Do Not Disturb feature
  11. Issue of connecting to a Microsoft Exchange server
  12. Lockscreen bypass code
  13. Issue with the audio microphone profile
  14. Issues with many voice-over commands
  15. Problems using FaceTime
  16. Data security validation issue
  17. Passcode screen bypass bugs
  18. Parallax motion effects – Motion Sickness
  19. Creation of CardDAV Accounts not working
  20. Battery drain problems
  21. Issues with video-calling and connection errors
  22. Safari ignores local domain
  23. Home screen crashes
  24. Battery Indicator stuck until restart
  25. Touch ID was not functioning
  26. HealthKit for bug in iOS operating system
  27. Performance issues with older generation Apple iPhone versions
  28. Issues with the new Keyboard API
  29. iOS device crashes with iMessage
  30. Issues with Game Center loading time
  31. Touch ID sensor update fail “Error 53” issue
  32. Bluetooth connectivity issues
  33. Security issues by iPhone hacking with SMS links
  34. 30% battery bug
  35. Worse battery life
  36., Office 365 – unable to Send email – issue
  37. Bug in the built-in keyboard

New Apple iOS Update

Many Apple users of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users are facing a Software Update Failed Error while downloading and installing the latest iOS software in order to fix iOS issues and bugs. Read to learn how to fix this iOS software issue with recent iOS update.

Where to Find New Apple iOS Update

Hope one of these methods helps you on this iOS software update failed issue. Before you update to latest iOS version, advised to take a complete backup your iPhone. Where to find new Apple iOS update?

How to Update an iPhone Without Deleting your Data

If you want to install the latest version of iOS in your iPhone or iPad, you need to have enough space. At now in this article, you can learn how to download and install the latest iOS version on your iPhone or iPad via iTunes, a safe method that not require your data deletion. It is a better and quick method of How to update iOS on an iPhone. Try now with this DIY iOS software solution guide. Get your recent iOS update safely without data loss on your iPhone, iPad and iPod devices.

How to Update Your iPhone to iOS Latest Version

Apple’s latest iPhones versions are dominating the smartphone markets world wide. Many people still to know Buy iPhone online is how a trendy one nowadays.

iOS 12 is a free software update to be release shortly that fixes a lot of existing iOS software bugs and issues. So keep update the latest iOS software on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch etc. Apple devices.

What are the things to know about Apple’s iOS 11 software update

Comment your answer and share your experience of iOS Software Update to the latest iOS version.

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