New gTLDs or Custom Domains

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If you ask anybody what is the generic top level domain in web? Everyone will say it is .com. All these days we all mostly surfed .com websites. As technology keeps on changing web also evolving continuously. Now internet entered a new phase called Custom  Domains.

Instead of having .com you can have your own custom domain name like .google .youtube .IBM .apple .amazon etc.  The US-based ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) officially revealed 1930 requests for new cutsom domains.

gtlds or custom domains

Approximately 2 billion internet users are there and currently 22 top level domains are in use. With this huge expansion new era of online innovation begins. All the new domains will be live by the first quarter of 2013. Some of the new domains are .bank .baby .doctor .law .shop .pizza .app .sex etc. Play following video to see list of gtlds or custom domains.

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