Have no time to read an interesting article? Pocket it. Read it later!

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You are busy working on something very urgent or briskly browsing internet for some important information and suddenly found an interesting article which you thought is very useful to you but have no time to read it. Worry never, just ‘pocket it’. ‘Pocket’ is an amazing app which can be used to save any article, web page or video on your mobile, tablet and computer. Most wonderfully you do not need an internet connection to read it when you go back to your saved page on Pocket app in your free time. All is saved on your mobile device for offline reading.


Once installed, all you need to do is, go to settings on the browser page that you are viewing and click on ‘share’, and then you will see a list of applications to which you would like that information to be shared. Just select Pocket, a tiny pop up message ‘saved to pocket’ will be flashed for a second on your screen. Phew! You can now any time go to your pocket app and read it. How cool is that? Fun doesn’t just stop there, you can also save your favorite videos or any other content to your little cute pocket app when your data connection is switched on. And view it later without needing to turn on your internet connection. You can read it when you are travelling, or standing in a long queue, or waiting for your boy/girl friend, or on a holiday trip.


Pocket has a very beautiful layout and runs smoothly. It’s very easy on your eyes and comes with rich features

You can:
Adjust the font size based on your comfort levels.
Change font face to your favorite style.
Adjust brightness, and change reading panel colors to dim-light, Sepia or normal light conditions.
Share it with other applications like Twitter, Facebook, and Whatsapp etc.
Email the link to your friend by clicking ‘Send to Friend’ on sharing options list.
Copy link and use it wherever you wish to.


Once you are finished with any article, you just need to tap on the ‘Tick’ mark on the top menu bar, and it will vanish off your list in literally no time. You can add a page to your favorites list. You can also tag articles with labels. For example, you may want to align all Bollywood videos under a tag named ‘Bollywood’, and all the sports news with a tag ‘Sports’ etc.
Apart from this, Pocket also provides you a provision to create a ‘read it later’ user name and password enabling you to log into Pocket for seamless transition.

Here’s the official promo of Pocket for Android.. Happy reading..and do let us know your views under the comments section below.

2 Comments on “Have no time to read an interesting article? Pocket it. Read it later!”

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