Prevent Blogger Blog from Redirecting to Country Specific Domains

code to redirect to .com

For selective censorship google redirects your blogger blog to country specific domains. For example some countries won’t allow particular type of content. In that case google simply blocks those pages in that particular country and makes them available for other parts of the world. If your blog is it will be redirected to In Australia it will be redirected to etc.

Steps to prevent your blog to redirect to country specific domains:

1.  Go to your blogger dashboard and click on Template
2. Click on Edit HTML ad then click on Proceed.
3. Check Expand Widget Templates and copy the following code immediately after <head> tag.
4. Lastly Save and Close Template.
After few days of implementing this code search engines like google will remember your blog as .com which drives more traffic to your blog.

code to redirect to .com

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Anil Anvesh, just a normal guy, part-time blogger and an internet addict who wants to share some tech tips and tricks that will make computing easier.

Anil AnveshPrevent Blogger Blog from Redirecting to Country Specific Domains

11 Comments on “Prevent Blogger Blog from Redirecting to Country Specific Domains”

  1. indu chhibber

    Anil i tried to paste this code on my blog because the twitter button was not working,as my blog is .in-while in my settings it says .com.So i pasted the code above & what happened that my blog was to be visible only to invited readers–why did this happen?

      1. indu chhibber

        Hi Anil,
        I have changed my blog from .in to .com as told by you .It was very simple.actually your instructions made it easy.I am truly indebted to you,thanks a million.
        And your query “how can i help you”really floored me.
        Now i will bother you for one more problem-i want to paste the icon of Leibster award i got long back.Every time i do it i get the html on my home page & not the pic.How to transform it,please tell.

  2. Kreativ Charm

    I would surely use this post ty!
    Have u done done a post about the social media icons u have??
    it lovely the way they it disappears wen v go up :)
    Can u also tell me y my post title is one in the main page and wen select it changes…
    thank u :)

    1. Anil Anvesh

      Hi Kreativ, mine is wordpress blog and I have used a plugin to get the social icons and I didnt get your second question. Would you please be more clear ?

          1. KreativCharm

            Hey sorry to bother u again!I jus saw the notification…
            u said wordpress nah?
            Do u teach how to setup wordpress too???
            I spent a day on it nd in the end went crazy nd never logged bac in wordpress…
            Stil was wondering where I could learn anywhere…
            thank you :)

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