Reverse Sync iPod iPhone iPad Music to itunes

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Using itunes you can sync music files to your ipod or iPhone or iPad. What if you freshly installed your itunes software? Again you have to sync your music files to itunes library. If you want to update or sync your ipod or iphone music to itunes music library follow this procedure.

How to Reverse Sync ipod iphone iPad Music to itunes

Sync ipod or iphone Music to itunes

1. Connect your iPhone or iPod or iPad to your pc or notebook.
2. Go to my computer open ipod or iPhone or iPad drive.
3. Go to Tools in menu bar, click on folder options, click on view tab and select view hidden folders and files.
4. Then you’ll see ipod or iPhone or ipad control folder. Open the folder and go to music folder.
5. All the folders that you see in music folder is your music.
6. Now create a new folder somewhere on desktop and copy all the folders from music folder to the new folder.
7. Open itunes software go to edit and click on preferences.
8. Go to advanced tab select keep itunes music organized and go to itunes music location.
9. Now open my documents, my music, itunes and itunes music.
10. Now copy all the music folders in the new folder on desktop to itunes music folder.
11. Click on each folder properties you copied to music folder and uncheck the hidden option.
12. Finally go to itunes software click on file menu, click on add folder to library and select the itunes music folder and select the folders you want to add. That’s all, itunes adds those folders to the library.

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