Samsung Galaxy S9 Price and Specifications you need to know

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Why Samsung galaxy phones are your pocket budget friendly best smartphones. Read here all bout Samsung Galaxy S9 Price and Specifications you need to know! Continue your reading Tech Knol’s latest technology updates in Mobile industry and reviews of latest release smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S9 will Come with 20 Mp with 4k Hd Recording

Biggest Smartphone market in the world i.e Samsung Recently Claim that they are giving 4K Video recording in there smartphone. Till now we have seen many smartphone series with Normal Video recording but have you ever expect about 4k ?, Those who are very well aware with the technology surely know that only smart tv can support this features. Till now no other company haven’t offer the same features to there user expect apple. Last year in September 2018, Apple said that they are giving 4k HD recording in Iphone 8 and it is shocked to see the overwhelming response by user, now user are demanding the same this in galaxy s9 as well. So let’s take a look at the full report which you are looking for.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Will Support 4k Video recording ?

Now a popular question which is arriving in most of our mind is it true of just a rumour, As many rumours are also spreading regarding it’s features so it is obvious that company should claim something. In September 2018 apple officially announced that iphone 8 will support 4k Video rec from rear camera and 60 fps recording in front camera. As apple offered such great features in iphone 8 so it is obvious for Samsung that they should offer something new.

Major Benefit which Samsung user will got from this features is that phone camera will be 4 time more clear than Normal hd recording. only those can understand it who have used 4K HD tv. As the feature is hi tech so Samsung also increased the price tag of galaxy s9. According to techradar s9 will cost you around $ 900 bugs. As you can see that the price tag of this smartphone is 10 % more than other smartphones.

What’s New in Samsung Galaxy S9 Display ?

Display is one of the biggest feature in every smartphone, Having a good quality display always make smartphone looks more stylish. to keep all these things in mind Samsung not just focus on it’s size but also on it’s pixels quality. Reports said that Company have given a polymer display in galaxy s9 which make this device much better apart of other smartphone. In other words you can say that display Quality will be far better than other.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Processor & OS

To increase the phone performance company also focus on it’s processor. S9 come with 2.9 Ghz Octa core processor. To maintain it’s speed company also giving 8 GB ram i galaxy s9. Talk about OS, Samsung giving Android 7.1. overall speed test can be done once the phone release in market.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Memory & Battery

We have seen that many smartphone of Samsung didn’t support a good battery back up but Samsung didn’t upset there user this time 4500 Mah battery back is present in this smartphone. Giving nice battery back will surely increase it’s features as well. Talk about Memory, Phone support enough memory up to 256 GB, As memory is enough so samsung didn’t do any more change in this device.

Samsung Galaxy S9 features, & Price

• Price :- 900 $
• Camera :- 20 Mp Rear, & 8 Mp front
• Display size :- 5.9 Inches
• Pixels :- 4k Resolution
• Processor :- 2.9 Ghz
• Release date :- 20 April 2018

These are the main features which Samsung will offered in galaxy s9, I am too curious to review this smartphone but we have to wait for April 2018. To know more possible stuff related to Samsung Galaxy s9 you can stay connected with us.

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