How to Choose SSL Certificate for your Website?

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How you can select the right type of SSL certificate for your website?

Here we come again with a yet another article on SSL certificates and their importance for your website. Well, assuming that you people must be aware of the cyber attacks and phishing activities that we come across often in our day-to-day life, we will be discussing the importance of SSL certificates for your websites and how you can choose the best type of SSL certificate. Before planning to select best SSL certificate matches your online privacy protection and information security requirement, do read the benefits of SSL certificates.

Best SSL Certificate selection tips

Types of SSL Certificates – Choose your Best SSL Certificate Now

Introduction to Selecting Best SSL Certificate Now!

See, it is very important to understand, what type of SSL certificate will be best for your website as there are different types of SSL available in the market, where their usage vary from website to website, business to business. Let’s get started:


From the browsers to the server administrators of huge businesses and organizations, and to the product managers of the financial institutions, straight down to the newbie/start-ups, the one thing that all these companies need is a secure connection and secures transferring the data via their shopping cart, or any other related transaction on their website. Ohh, this worries companies a lot, but trust us SSL certificates are the savior.

Essentially all the SSL certificates do the same thing, that is they encrypt information during TLS negotiations and transactions. If they are accurately installed and configured, these certificates will show https:// in the address bar of the URL with a padlock sign.

How to Select Best SSL Certificate without SSL Techie knowledge

So how these SSL Certificates are important for a website. The SSL certificates offer proper session security and encryption for the information that is submitted via your website, but they also differ in terms of how much and what type of information shall be included in the certificate and also how it shall be displayed in the browsers.

Ideally, there are three main trust levels for the SSL Certificates that are used by websites – they come in the degree from highest to lowest, like – Extended Validation (EV), Domain Validated (DV), and Organization Validated (OV).

Have a look at some of the statistics for a better understanding:

According to CBS, in one study conducted in 2014, showed that 47% of American adults complained that their personal information is being stolen by hackers or their data is breached. Not just this, there are some bigger companies as well, who has faced this hacking issues, like Yahoo, Home Depot, and Chase has been targeted.

HTTPS is a Website Ranking Factor at now at Google, Buy SSL certificate

So, it is prudent that we all shall go with the guidelines of Google, the leading browser over the internet so that your website is not grabbed by the hackers and cause harm. And with the new warning of Google websites and businesses are more aware and are shifting to HTTPS and SSL certificates, and this is because Google is the biggest browser and a huge market player positioning itself at 57.94%.

SSL certificates keeps your data safest and secure

Hence, SSL certificates are one of the safest and secure ways to keep your data secure online. Here’s why you should really care, about getting the right SSL certificate for your website. Let’s check out, what the options are and which one you should choose:

Usually, all the SSL certificate types use the same basic standard encryption methods, but each SSL has its own requirements and discrete characteristics that separate them for other.

Single Domain SSL Certificate

Single domain SSL certificate safeguards only single domain, it is same as they sound in the name. For example, it will work well if you are working on, but in case you have sub domains on the website or any other variation, then single domain will not be beneficial.

Single domain SSL certificates are best for very simple and uncomplicated content-based websites, and this mostly includes B2B sites or the E-commerce ones where all the online transactions take place on a single domain. What happens here is that with the Domain-validated SSL certificates someone authenticates the domain ownership and this occurs via clicking a link or updating a DNS record.

Multi-Domain SSL certificate

Multi-domain SSL certificates are exactly the way their name implies, they are used for multiple domains for enhanced security. Multi-domain SSL certificates are also called as “SAN” – that is Subject Alternative Names. This clearly indicates that they work pretty well with multiple domains and also any sub domain if the website posses.

You just need one multi-domain SSL certificate to cover all the sub domains and the other suites of the websites. Additionally, they offer flexibility for covering the suite of sites that usually, might just go away or does not exist anymore. The CA – certificate authority will offer a limit on the number of web sites that can be included in the domain which is somewhere from 100 – 200+.

Wildcard SSL certificate

Wildcard SSL certificates cover all the sub domains on just a single root domain or the host name. It uses a content-driven and insecure marketing website on the primary domain, this is not correct although, nut wildcard SSL certificates run all the shopping-related transactions through a secure sub domain certificate – we know this is a bit contradictory.

A single wildcard SSL certificate would make things easier rather than create a mess. Moreover, it will also protect the main website. A Wildcard SSL Certificate is basically issued to, permitting the certificate to be used on a limitless number of sub domains and this across an unrestricted number of servers/browsers.

Extended Validation SSL certificate

Extended SSL certificates are hyped as the – most secure option for security on the earth. Don’t worry, it is just an explanation, in fact, they do the additional organization validation, and they also verify the domain. Even a double check with a legal corporation exists.

Moreover, with Extended Validation SSL certificate, you get a green padlock security sign on the address bar on your URL. So in actual what are you paying here is the security and credibility. But here this secure connection is one of the most secured than any other connection.

Final Thoughts:

With all the above-mentioned points and discussion, we hope you must have got a clear idea on how and what type of SSL certificates you should choose for your website. Choosing the right type of SSL certificate type, especially, when you cut-through competition, becomes easy if you initially segregate your needs and wants. Hence choose best SSL certificate provider and let your website be secure and safe.

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