Smartphone And Its Influence On College Student Learning

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Mobile apps for elearning

e-Learning with Smartphone, A Revolution in Digital Education

e-Learning with Smartphone is nowadays trend with the latest digital education technology. Smartphone having its role in e-learning and remarkable influence on College Student Learning. Continue your reading on Tech Knol’s latest technology updates article on how smartphones helping in digital education and how a smartphone technology helps the college students in learning the new courses or attending the training, with upcoming technology trends. You can also read more about latest technology industry news and tech products reviews articles etc.

The Mobile Smartphone – Is it For You?

When it comes to mobile smartphones, plenty of options abound on the market today. There are different models, designs and make, and they all actually come with unique features and capabilities. Among the models of mobile phones on the market, the smartphones have been of immense help the mobile users in everyday life. This is because it does have many different features asides the standard function – making and receiving calls. Read here Digital Technology Advantages.

Mobile apps for elearning

Smartphones for Digital education

Smart Phone Mobile Apps for eLearning

Apparently, you can use this mobile device for a wide range of things including writing an essay. Yes, you can complete any given task or assignment on your mobile device. There are lots of professional essay writing services online. Have a music college essay writing project you need to complete within the shortest time possible? Hire a professional custom writing service right away. With your smartphone, there is no limit to what you can achieve. Read now Role of Digital technology in education.

Features of a Smartphone

One of the reasons why smartphones are becoming increasingly popular is because they have a dual function. You can either use it for business and/or personal needs. Smartphone has the same features as a mini computer in the sense that it has a keyboard, full operating system, among others. Regardless of the smartphone you opt for, they come with standard features. Some of the features include:

Email. The smartphone has brought with it easy access to send and receive emails. This is one of the reasons for its wide acceptance. If you run a business and study at the same time, you need to keep up to date with the latest trends and information about your industry. Also, you spend a large chunk of your working hours checking and replying emails from clients and business associates. Smartphones make this possible.

Internet. Students studying in a far away location will definitely need to stay connected with friends and families through emails and messages. Furthermore, students can shop online and get relevant information regarding a specific subject through internet browsing.

Full Operating System. In order to ensure smooth functionality and efficiency, smartphones comes with full operating systems. You can write, edit, copy and paste documents including essays. More so, it is easier to perform any computer function on your smartphone. Since it has full keyboards, you don’t need to carry your computer with your everywhere you go. A smartphone is a mobile computer in itself.

● Applications. There are many different models of smartphones with unique applications that are downloadable. These apps cover virtually every sphere of life including entertainment, education, health, sports, communication etc. The options are limitless as there is a countless number of apps to choose from. Get all you need from a pocket-sized mini device.

● Camera. Do you have a thing for videos and photography? Tired of carrying your heavyweight camera with you? Smartphones come fully installed with a camera for video recording and picture taking opportunities. This is a great tool that’s a must-have for everyone – young and old.

Increase Learning and Productivity Through Mobile App

Apparently, many people have discovered another great benefit of the smartphone particularly in relation to education. In today’s digital world, the smartphone plays a second fiddle to the brain. You can store and retrieve information as you please. The impact of mobile apps on the education sector is enormous. Given the complex nature of the world, students can benefit greatly from using the amazing tools and resources that have been developed for their use. These include:

Reading Apps

It is impossible for the brain to store the tons of information sent to it daily. Thanks to the availability of reading apps, you no longer have to overwork the brain. These apps provide easy access to tons of documents, textbooks, and relevant information. In addition, these apps reduce the stress of going to school with a big stack of books. You can attend lectures and spend time with friends feeling lightweight. By having your reading material handy, you can learn on the go, anywhere, anytime.

Cloud Storage

Another area where mobile apps come in handy is through storage. You can store calendars, to-dos and relevant information on your smartphone mobile app. By storing everything you need in one single location, you will become more organized. Not only that, your grades and learning abilities will improve.

Shopping Apps

Students have lots of items to buy and in most cases, they often have limited time to spend on shopping. Thankfully, there are lots of shopping apps that gives you the liberty and time to shop for items as well as compare prices. This way, you can save a lot of money. Busy students can also save time on shopping. These apps help make sure you’re getting great value for money while helping you stick to a budget.

Of course, there are many different apps online which in turn leaves you spoilt for choice. All you have to do is to research on the one that best suits your needs and then see how it works for you. You can decide to try as many apps as possible to see the one that works best.

Why Integrate Smartphones in Classrooms

Perhaps, you are now more familiar with the term mobile learning. It is a great way to learn and study anywhere, anytime. With a wide range of devices available on the market, mobile learning is now easier to conduct. While some people think that integrating smartphones into the classrooms is a distraction, it actually brings a lot of benefits which includes:

● Teachers can give updates about their lectures and share with students to keep them abreast of the latest development.

● It helps facilitate teacher-student interactions. Student and teachers can keep in touch regularly. This continuous interaction can help the teacher identify areas where the student need some help.

● Students get easy access to information and find answers to complex questions easily. It takes much less to search information on the internet than scrolling through books.

● It helps student improve retention rate.

● It makes learning fun and enjoyable for all. Since students have access to a wide range of information, they become actively involved in the learning process.

Gone are the days of the traditional learning system. Today, digital education technology has taken center stage. Virtual reality is playing in e-Learning. Integrating smartphones in classes will greatly enhance the learning experience for students. It makes studying a fun experience for both teachers and student alike.

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