Social Media Analytics – Everything You Need to Know

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Social Media Analytics

The world has gone social. With over 1 billion facebook users, 500 million twitter users and 500 million google+ users one in every 10 people has a social account. Social sites are the platform to share the stuff we like with our friends, colleagues and family members. Social sites, blogs, micro blogs,  web forums, discussions  come under Social Media.

Marketing managers implement different strategies to know the pulse of customers. One such strategy is Social Media . Businesses have their own facebook fan page, twitter and google+ pages. They post updated information about ongoing activities of the business like new product releases or policy changes etc.

Analytics or insights help in understanding the users behavior to different posts in their official social pages. Facebook has insights which shows statistics of users interaction with the fan page, where as google+ and twitter don’t have such feature.

Social media analytics tools are the tools which help businesses in understanding the customers behavior. These tools collect insights from different social media sites and gives the combined result by aggregating individual results.  Mainly businesses do sentiment analysis using social media analytics tools. Sentiment analysis is nothing but analyzing how customers responding to different posts like whether they are positively responding or negatively or neutral. Based on this businesses develop marketing strategies.

Features of Social Media Analytics Tools

1. Gathering Data – Gathers data from different social sites and forums.
2. Analyzing Data –  Analyses the gathered data mainly sentiment analysis.
3. Presenting Data – Downloading the statistical data in Excel or CSV format.

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