Sony PlayStation 4 Specs and Release Date

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Finally the most awaited PlayStation 4 was officially announced at an event in Newyork city. But we still don’t know how the entire PS4 console looks like.

Sony Playstation 4 Specs and Features

Sony Playstation 4


Sony PS4 delivers sharp graphics with detailed pixels. Sony PS4 comes with following hardware for delivering high end graphics.

8GB of unified memory
A PC-style GPU

Dual Shock 4

The PS4 also comes with a new controller called Dual Shock 4. Dual Shock 4 is a controller comes with a small touch screen, a head phone jack, a share button, Micro-USB port and Bluetooth 2.1

Sony PS4 Dual Shock 4

Social Sharing:

Sony also included a share menu so that the player can upload video clips, Screen shots and even spectate and chat like PC  gamers already do.

sony playstation 4 remote play

The PlayStation 4 cloud service enables players to call up any PlayStation game from past to present with in no time. Gaikai cloud technology, used in PS4 offers the fastest gaming network. The streaming/sharing technology will also work with Facebook and Ustream. The user profile page on PS4 looks similar to a Facebook profile as shown in below pic.

sony ps4 user profile

Other interesting features are the user can play the first portion of the game. Even if the entire game is not finished downloading, using the move controller in conjunction with the PS4 the user can use a wand to sketch, move and create 3D images . The use of Gaikai’s streaming services cloud influence the future gaming world.

Release Date:  Sony gave a hint in PS4 launch event “Holidays 2013”. Probably sometime around Thanks Giving Day or Christmas 2013.

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