Spotify and Uber Split ways Amidst Speculations on the Latter

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Spotify and Uber Split Speculations

Spotify is considered to be one of the most famous applications where we will be able to find millions of songs to listen to. It is an easy way for the users to search for music, browse and even discover them as well. There are many different kinds of songs on it, a song for every possible mindset. We can find the music on our phone, laptop or tablet; it is available across all the devices.

There is music available for almost every single occasion, be it work, gym or lounging. The user has a choice to select from the playlist or the app will list out the best songs which might be of interest to us. We can even have an option where we can browse through the playlists of our friends, artists, and celebrities as well. Apart from these options, there is even radio available, where the user can just sit back and enjoy the wonderful music.

The company has been in ties with the behemoth of the ride-hailing industry Uber. Unfortunately, Spotify has decided to part ways with Uber, as the speculations against the latter seem to be increasing. The digital music providing company has been a prominent partner in their business endeavor. But, it is said that they might not continue to be partners with Uber anymore.

This decision has not been confirmed and the companies are still in talks and there are possibilities that the plates may change. It is said that Spotify was not willing to take part in a press campaign with the upcoming update of the app from Uber. An insight from the company email clearly stated that they would like to end the access to the API of the Uber app.

Spotify head Gustav Soderstrom stated that the decision of going ahead and splitting the ways with Uber is in fact not candid enough. The API access to the Uber’s app allows the user to control the sound system of the driver’s from their devices. Though the company wants to part ways with Uber, there do not want their customers to be affected by the partition.

The sole purpose for both the companies is to serve their customers better, and they will make sure that they get it. It is a fact that in the recent times the ride-sharing company has been facing way too many issues and it is finding it really hard to overcome with it. At the beginning of the year, there was an article published by one of the former employee Susan of Uber start that the work culture which is being followed is not on good terms.

Susan clearly stated in the article that there has been sexual harassment and sexism which is happening in the premises of the company. This was something which the company was least expecting to come on its way and that was the starting point for all the allegations to come out. Uber happened to recruit the former Attorney General Eric Holder to look into this particular case.

It just didn’t stop right there, a lot more started to pour in against the company. Post that particular incident it is said that the CEO of the company Travis Kalanick asked a senior engineering officer Amit Singhal to quit his, as he refused to disclose the reason behind his departure from his previous job at Google which was based on an allegation of sexual harassment.

There were other speculations made against Uber apart from the sexual harassment. An article was released and it that it was mentioned that there were usages of drugs, verbal abuse (homophobic) and physical harassment as well. The streaming of the accusations kept continuing and there was a video released where Kalanick had an argument with one of its own drivers.

Then Waymo applied for a lawsuit against Uber stating that the company had stolen the idea for its own self-driving fleet. One of the biggest downfalls which the company had to face was the “#DeleteUber” which took over on the social media platform of Twitter. It was an incident where the local taxi drivers staged a protest against the executive order which was passed by Donald Trump to ban the 7 prominent Muslim countries from entering the country.

A tweet was posted by Uber which said that there will not be any surge pricing and the cabs will be available for the riders to use at JFK airport in the New York City. It was that single mistake which led to people deleting the app from their devices. Soon after the post, there was another post stating that they were not hurting any of personal feelings of the people.

People were not glad about this kind of reaction from Uber and they ended up removing the app from their device and in fact, in a few cases, the users clearly mentioned that they are switching to Lyft, which is the rival company to Uber. The reason behind that was because its rival decided to support the people who were fighting against the executive order and donated 1 million dollars to an organization which was fighting at court as well.

There was another situation, where the major investors of the company were actually not happy with the work culture which is being a healthy one. On a blog which was posted by the investors, clearly said that all these years the Kapor’s have tried their level to best to change the ways but were unsuccessful in it. They wanted the company to change its ways so that for the former, current and future employees of the company.

The self-driving fleet also ended up with jumping around 6 signals in San Francisco and there was an accident occurred as well. All these accusations had led the CEO to seek for help to make sure that the company is organized in the right way. He seeks for a COO to help him out with all the issues which the company has been facing and make sure that it is at its best.

Spotify API was added to the app in the year 2014 and it has been just 2 years since they have partnered with Uber. Apart from that addition, recently in last September Pandora option was also added to the app as well. But, we can see that Spotify is really not happy with the partnership post the list of undying speculations and alleged allegations made against the company.

Soderstrom stated that he would like to mend ways rather than having the customers affected by their separation. He said that he would like to participate and showcase the things in which the company believes in. All these exchanges of information were done through email and the source of the information is unknown and it has been leaked indeed.

Though the company has considered getting separated from Uber with the partnership they have, it is still not wholeheartedly willing to go with it. It is a fact that, it doesn’t want any of its customers to be affected by this sudden change. Due to the exposure of the said email, it has now become public, but there is no information available about which of the speculations has actually made the company to take this kind of decision.

Spotify and Uber have not yet parted their ways and they are still in talks. It is clear that the latter will put in all kinds of efforts to make sure that their partnership is intact. Uber is willing to change its ways of running its business and we can see that in the near future the company will get back to its top position in the field of its business. It is true that they are going through a rough patch, but they are going to make it better. Let’s hope for the best to happen.

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