Telegram Messenger: Faster and Secure

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Mobile messenger apps are grabbing lot of attention these days. It all started with WhatsApp, people found it as an alternative to traditional mobile SMS.  By the end of 2013 WhatsApp has more than 400 million active users. Till 2011 WhatsApp was unbeatable. In 2012 WeChat started grabbing public attention. WeChat used social platform and TV media to reach more users. In 2013 WeChat gave tough fight to WhatsApp with 300 Million active users. Line and hike messengers also joined the big fight.
Telegram Messenger
Voice calls, video calls and awesome stickers are main attractions in newly introduced messenger apps which we don’t find in WhatsApp. So newly coming apps should offer something more than already existing apps. Telegram, a new messenger app for Android and iOS users. Telegram is developed by Pavel and Nikolai Durov who are developers of Europe’s 2nd biggest social networking site VK. Telegram messenger app is fast and secure compared to other mass marketing messengers. Let us have a look at the features of Telegram messenger app.

Telegram Messenger – Faster Messaging App

Telegram is a cloud-based service, so you can access your messages on any device. For example if you install Telegram in iPhone and after sometime if you switched to android phone still you can access all your messages. Where as if you delete WhatsApp all your conversations are gone. Telegram has multiple data centers across the globe making it much faster.

Telegram Messenger – Secure Messaging App

Telegram uses a MTProto a custom protocol for message encryption to achieve speed and reliability when transferring large files. MTProto provides end to end security from hackers. In addition Telegram offers many security features. Following are some security features of Telegram messenger.

Secret Chat – Secret chat offers secure messaging by providing end-to-end encryption. Telegram generates an encryption key which users has to cross check whether they are matching or not. A secret chat can’t be deciphered even Telegram can’t decipher it. Telegram won’t save secret chats on their cloud servers, so messages once deleted can’t be accessed again.

Self-Destruct – Inspired by Snapchat Telegram introduced self-destruct time for secret chats. After self-destruct time runs out message disappears from both devices.


Telegram is still in it’s beginning stage. At present Telegram don’t have voice messaging and video call features. But in our observation we found it much faster and secure messaging app available in the app market. Telegram is now only available for Android and iOS devices. They are planning to launch a Windows app soon along with some new features.

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