TheOneSpy Parental Control App Review

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TheOneSpy app - best mobile phone Spy Software

TheOneSpy – Kid’s Mobile Phone Spy Apps

All parents show some level of interest to their kids to be safe. Read here reviews of spy software apps to track kids and teens, young children. Read now reviews of TheOneSpy, one of the best Parental Control app. Find and Read the reviews of the best mobile phone Spy Software.

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Spy Software Apps

TheOneSpy Parental Control app is one of the best kid’s cell phone monitoring solutions because TheOneSpy app is easy for parents to use to track children online mobile activities. Check out Tech Knol’s latest hands-on reviews of the best mobile tracking applications of kid’s Android, iPad, iPhone, and other smartphone devices.

Mobile phone monitoring and tracking software

TheOneSpy app - best mobile phone Spy Software

Best mobile phone Spy Software

TheOneSpy Parental Control App Review

TheOneSpy has over the years highly advanced piece of technology that is known as one of the most powerful parental control software that the spy vendors has ever come across with.

It has dozens of features that empower the user to set parental control on the target cell phone and computer devices such as Android, IOS and blackberries and further on the MAC and Windows desktop and laptop devices.

Parents can easily get to know the target devices activities kids and teens have made when connected to the internet. Let’s describe kids monitoring app for cell phone monitoring tools shortly.

TheOneSpy parental control app for cell phone features

There are number of state of the art features TheOneSpy monitoring application has introduced ever, let’s discuss these parenting tools in details underneath.

Phone Bugging

You can use the MIC bug app of the cell parental control app and then remotely hack the MIC of the target cell phone and can record the surround sounds and Voices from 1 minute 15 minutes.

Furthermore, user can remotely hack the front and back camera of the target smartphone and can make short videos of the surroundings and can view the surround activities with spyvidcam bug of the cell phone monitoring app. However, user can capture photos and images remotely with camera bug app of the phone tracking app.

TOS spy 360

It is very similar to the phone bugging, but it provides the user results in real time. You can use spy 360 live surround listening. You can listen to and record the surround sounds and Voice conversations remotely in real-time by hacking the MIC of the phone.

User can use live camera streaming to view the live surround visuals of the target phone with spy 360 live camera streaming and can share the cell phone screen in real-time to the online control panel with spy 360 live screen sharing and get to know the live activities happen on the target cell phone screen by getting access to the online control panel.

Call spy

The user can record live calls and listen to the recorded calls with secret call recorder of the phone surveillance software and further save the recorded material to the online control panel.

Text messages spy

You can set parental control on all the sent or received text messages on the target mobile phone with the text messages spy. You can view iMessages, SMS, MMS and heads up tickers notifications.

Read Emails

The user can view and read sent or received emails from kids and teens and get to know the content of the email and get to know what sort of emails has received on the target cell phone.

Remotely phone controller

The user can remotely control the activities happen to the target cell phone device such as you can remotely view installed apps, blocked the text messages, block incoming calls and even block the internet to the fullest.

Track GPS location

The user can track GPS location of the phone with GPS location tracker and can trace out the phone pin-point location. However, the user can also view GPS location history, weekly location history and last but not the least user can mark safe and restricted areas against the target cell phone device.


You can remotely capture the screenshots of each and every single activity happen on the target cell phone device by setting the time intervals of the screenshots.

Browsing History

The user can view all the bookmarked websites and visited websites on the target mobile phone browser. This will help out parents to know what is happening on the cell phone browser.

Installation process of parental control app

First of all, parents have to subscribe to the parental control software by visiting the official website of the cell phone and computer monitoring app. Then you will get the passcode and ID and you should memorize it. Furthermore, you need to get access to the target cell phone device and install the parental control app on your target cell phone. After you have ended up with the process, you need to activate it on the phone and get access to the online dashboard of the phone tracking app using the credentials and then use all above-mentioned features.


Cell phone parental control app is the ultimate and reliable cell phone spy software when it comes to set parental control on the target device. Use Mobile Phone Spy Apps to Track your kid’s Phone at any Time with TheOneSpy.

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