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This is Why Time Tracking is More Useful than you Think

Organizations employ different strategies to bill clients or estimate the budget of a project. In some project, time or effort spent on related activities is recorded and client invoices are raised using simple calculation which involves some amount for each hour spent. Larger organizations try to streamline processes by generalizing the time that would be required to complete an activity. But, time tracking is important even in such cases. Some business houses collaborate with solution providers like Microsoft Dynamics AX company for a holistic time tracking and management solutions.

project management time tracking software

How Time tracking solutions are useful to improve the in-house and out-sourcing project management

Importance of Time Tracking Tools

Time tracking tools has a vital role to play in organizations because this simple technique can help:

• Understand the time and money ratio associated with a process
• Assign cost to each task and keep a check on deviations
• Give better clarity on the profit margins
• Raise alarm in case the effort requirement is higher than anticipated
• Plan and execute a process successfully
• Make compliance easy

These are just some aspects in which time tracking is useful. Depending on the type of process, time tracking can provide even more benefits. Despite of the benefits, organizations are not able to successfully implement time tracking systems or are unable to derive maximum benefits from the systems practiced. Let’s discuss the challenges and possible solutions.

Challenges in Implementing Time Tracking Solutions

The benefits of time tracking are widely acknowledged. However, there are a number of challenges that an organization can face while implementing time tracking solutions. The biggest being employees’ unwillingness to accept the solution. Employees often view time tracking as a micromanagement tool which is not completely false in some cases. But, the broader idea or to say, the ideal reason for time tracking is not to micromanage but to better understand how much time an activity is taking.

How to Choose Best Time Tracking Software

Productivity of in-house and out-sourcing employees is depends on tracking time of project management tracking along with other factors like employee laptops, mobile devices and other online software tools. Chrome and Windows PCs are playing a key role in changing the office land scape and software consumption in to a new environment.

The rise of cloude based time trackable tools, mobile apps and web applications, online software, and cross-platform applications are leading to many advantages in tracking the time of employees, project management, client timings, contractor timing, expenses and invoicing etc.
The major advantages are including cross-platform, scalability, automation and mobility, user friendly and customized solutions etc. are better than hand written timesheets.

Things to Consider before purchasing the time tracking software

  1. Is it customized to the needs of your project management or employee productivity tracking
  2. Is it easy to install and use without any technical knowledge
  3. Ask for A software trial or demo for few days before purchase
  4. Is the software, mobile friendly or web-based tracking solutions
  5. Check out the users ratings and reviews before buying the tracking software
  6. Is the tracking tool generating invoices for the clients manually or automatically
  7. Is it helpful in Workforce management, scheduling, work assignment, or project management
  8. Is the tracking data useful for analytics measurement
  9. Is the tracking software affordable or high cost…

Employee Time Tracking App – Project Management Tracking Softwares

Another major challenge is to have a time tracking system that is effective. Many a times, organizations employ customized solutions that are developed in liaison with partner Microsoft Dynamics AX company or internal employees. Although, these solutions are customized, they do not take into account a variety of aspects like paid leaves, etc. Apart from that these systems are rigid at times and it makes it difficult for companies to track time accurately.

Also, time tracking systems usually does not work in tandem with other business solutions and as a result sometimes, employees might be required to fill the same data on different platforms. This can result in employees filling late or incorrect data in timesheets. Use project time tracking tool to find out the client project management time tracking.

Simple Tracking  Software Solutions

A simple approach can help overcome most of these challenges. The project managers understand the importance of timesheets in billings and calculations. And, the same should be conveyed to team members. It is important to clear the anticipations regarding micromanagement and other concerns and provide clarity on the actual purpose.

Further, feedback should be taken from the team members on the challenges they face in filling timesheet and this feedback should be taken seriously to enhance the processes. Incorporating these simple suggestions can bridge the gap between financial managers and team staff and trigger a successful time tracking approach.

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