Tip to Speedup Internet Connection

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This tip is useful for windows users only. By default windows reserves 20% of your internet bandwidth. That 20% it uses for downloading windows updates. But we don’t want to update windows daily. So why to reserve that bandwidth. Removing that bandwidth will speedup internet connection by 20%. Following are the steps to remove reserved bandwidth. First check your internet connection speed.

How to Speedup Internet Connection?

1. Go to Run(Windows+R). Type GPEDIT.MSC as shown in below pic and press enter.

windows run

2. Then group policy window will appear on your screen. Under computer configuration expand Administrative Templates.
3. Under Administrative Templates expand Network.
4. Under Network click on Qos Packer Scheduler.
5. In right side of the dialog box double click on Limit reservable bandwidth.

windows group policy

6. By default limit reserved bandwidth is not configured. Click on Enable. Set Bandwidth Limit to 0 and click on apply. That’s it you are done with removing allocated bandwidth. Now check your internet connection speed. If you find a change in speed please drop a comment.

limit reservable bandwidth

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