Tips to Increase Battery Life of Smartphone

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The world has gone mobile with the invention of Smartphones. The world is at your hands if you have a smartphone with you. These days smartphones can almost do all the tasks that a PC can do. But battery life of smartphone is very less.

smartphone battery life

Tips to increase your smartphone’s battery life

1. Use optimal brightness because too much of brightness may drain out your smartphone’s charging quickly.
2. Turn off push notifications because these may require data or wi-fi connection which will reduce the battery life.
3. Turn off wi-fi when you don’t need it.
4. Kill all the background apps. When you are on home screen it doesn’t mean that all the apps are closed. Using Task Manager close all the apps.
5. Uninstall the apps those you don’t use.
6. Turn off Haptic Vibrations as we don’t need them. Haptic Vibrations are those vibrations produced when you are using touch keypad.
7. Do not use your smartphone(especially browsing) while charging.
8. Prefer USB tethering instead of wi-fi tethering when you want to use your smartphone’s data connection on other devices.

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  1. And most importantly do not use any battery saving applications which claim to do so, they might further drain your battery by sucking up the more juice 🙂

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