5 Key Components of the Best Law Firm Websites

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Web design for law firms websites

Top 5 Features of the Best Law Firm Websites

When people need to finda lawyer without a specific referral, they search online. During 2017, nearly three times as many people used search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to identify the attorney they eventually hired than responded to television ads. During that same year, having a strong web presence proved five to six times more effective for law firms than did running radio ads or renting billboards.

Web design for law firms websites

Responsive web design for law firms websites

What this means is that law firms that have the best websites attract the highest number of potential and actual clients. While each firm’s site will evolve distinct characteristics that reflect the firm’s culture, every highly effective and well-regarded law firm website shares the following five components.

Responsive Design

Clients will use smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop monitors to view and navigate your site. Your pages and links must display and work optimally on each device. Building your website while using responsive design principles and tools will ensure that happens.

Responsive design automatically resizes and reorients webpages, images, and videos to fit any screen. It also places menus in the most-accessible spot for a particular screen. Website visitors will be able to enlarge and shrink text on smartphones and easily find related content on larger screens.

Whether you are starting from scratch or updating an existing site, ensure that that the company you hire to provide legal web design services understands responsive design. Ask for links to other sites the company has developed and go through those sites on as many devices as you can.

Regularly Updated Blog Posts

The temptation to set up a law firm website and forget about it is strong. Basic legal concepts rarely change, and even new laws or major court rulings can require incredibly minor tweaks to material written years earlier.

But a website that just sits there without adding new content eventually gets overlooked by search engines. Posting a blog entry once or twice a week ensures that your website remains active. Each entry also allows you to feature high-value keywords, add new videos and images, and answer important questions for existing and potential clients.

Webdesign services for law firms

Webdesign services for law firms

Superior Content

Practice area descriptions, attorney bios, blog posts, videos, images, case results, client testimonials, and everything else that appears on your law firm website makes up its content. You owe it to yourself and your clients to ensure that every piece of content is of high quality. Great content showcases your knowledge, experience, and trustworthiness.

All text should be well-written and free from typos. The information must all be factually correct and easy for people who are not lawyers to understand. Every link should work. Images and videos should be appropriate for the text they accompany.

Include keywords in titles and captions as well as text, but always strive to make their inclusion sound natural. Search engine algorithms actually punish sites that overuse or shoehorn in keywords.

Contacts and Calls to Action

You create and maintain a law firm website so clients can find and get in touch with you. Post a contact information link on each page and conclude articles and blog posts with invitations to click on the link or pick up the phone.

Place the contact information link in a highly visible location that does not obstruct other text or images, and make sure the link goes to a full page of contact information that features both an email form and a map to your offices. The company that provides your legal web design services can offer advice on where and how to deploy the contact information block.

Data Analytics

Another reason to hire an outside firm to do website design for law firm is that the contractor will set up easy-to-use data analytics dashboards and reports. Real-time statistics will show which keywords draw the most clicks, which content convinces the most viewers to contact the firm, and which areas of practice the firm could profitably give more focus. The information will guide updates to the site and direct other resources to more effective pursuits.

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