Top 5 Free Apps to Learn Foreign Languages

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Mobile apps for foreign languages learning

Top Five Free Apps to Learn Foreign Languages – Install and Learn

It is very simple to widen your scope by learning different foreign languages. Nowadays, this business can be not a necessity but just a hobby. Even if you don’t have enough time, you still may Learn Spanish, for example, or any other language as a second one via Skype because it is very comfortable. However, to polish your language, you need constant practice because it is very tough to have progress without it. In this case, digital technologies may help you.

Mobile apps for foreign languages learning

Mobile apps for foreign languages learning

What Software can be Helpful for Foreign Language Learners?

It is very hard to imagine a person without a smartphone today. Everybody uses modern smartphones with the Internet connection and other opportunities. So, it is possible to develop your level of a foreign language by using of special mobile apps for different operating systems. Руку are the best free mobile apps for language learners:

Rosetta Stone

Although Rosetta Stone is a particular service for language learners, which has its free mobile app available for Android and iOS. This app aims to assist travelers to learn different helpful phrases and words a little bit faster. You may use this app as a dictionary of useful collocations because all of them are united on popular topics (hotels, restaurants, etc.).

Software for language learning by AccellaStudy

AcellaStudy is the company that creates different mobile programs. These programs differ on languages offered for study, and every language has its own app. Each language also has its method of learning such as flashcards, visuals, audios, videos, etc. However, this app is available for the iOS only.


Busuu is a program that offers different courser to people who want to start learning foreign languages. This app can be installed on smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems. If you don’t have such a device, you may use the online version of Busuu. Among the features of this app are: the necessity to register an account, the opportunity to start the study of a foreign language from a particular level (Beginner, Elementary, etc.). Busuu always offers different words and phrases to learn that can be very helpful for travelers. To reinforce new knowledge, this app uses different quizzes to move you to the following level. Although some quizzes are available for a premium (paid) account only, many free quizzes should be enough for you.


It is another app that helps people to learn new languages. Unfortunately, this mobile program is available only for the owners of iOS and Android smartphones because it is possible to install it only in these operating systems. However, if you have a device with any other operating system, it is not a reason to refuse this software because it also has a web version. So, your computer with an Internet connection will aid you to start working with it.

It is possible to learn over 150 foreign languages from different countries in this app. Therefore, if you think about learning of Chinese, Arabic, Cantonese or any other exotic language, this is the app of choice for you. Memrise helps to learn the words from the foreign language by collecting such words that have similar soundings in your mother-tongue. This approach aids to memorize new words from a foreign language faster.


This app for mobile phones is very simple to use. It works in such operating systems as iOS, Android, Windows Phone; thus, the owners of different smartphones have the opportunity to install this program for free and use it comfortably. In addition, DuoLingo also has its own site available on the web, and you can learn new languages with its help in front of your computer. This software offers 36 languages to learn, including Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Esperanto, Polish, and even Swahili. Duolingo works with texts, visuals, and audios. The trick is that a learner should connect the sound of the translation with the visuals of the text and transfer the audio back into his/her mother-tongue. In this case, new words will be memorized quicker. One more benefit is that a user doesn’t need any account or registration somewhere.

The importance of language learning is indisputable, and even if you don’t have enough time for this business, useful mobile apps will assist you. Widen your scope by language learning because it is exciting!

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