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Best and Top 5 Tech CEOs in this Technology World at Global wide

A Chief Executive Officer (CEO), is the most astounding positioning individual in the organization, who is in charge of all the administrative choices which may incorporates piece of the overall industry, share esteem, incomes or other elements.They just respond to Board of Directors however are the Backbone of Company.

Here we are giving some intriguing Facts about the Top 5 Tech CEOs of the World who are driving the change World is experiencing.

Here is the list of of top 5 tech companies CEOs world popular and some unsung facts about these tech CEOs. Find the inforgraphic now.

Popular Tech CEOs and Some Facts about them

World Popular Top 5 Tech CEOs and Some Facts about them

1. Sundar Pichai : A man who doesn’t require any Introduction. Google Chrome, Android OS and so forth.. All were begun and now being produced under him. His Vision and love for Technology has made him achieve this far. President of Google.

2. Elon Musk : One man Army. He is the man who learns and implements Technology quick. A fast actuality around him is that he used to peruse 2 books for every day in his high school. Can you imagine..?? That implies on the off chance that you have finished 1 book in a month, he is 60 times superior to you. Tesla, Spacex, Introducing Hyperloop and the one alluded to be Thrillionaire.

3. Satya Nadella : Have you at any point utilized a Windows Laptop..?? He is the brain behind. He is the person who supplanted Bill Gates and moved toward becoming CEO of the Microsoft Inc, highest Software organization in the World.

4. Stamp Zuckerberg : A man with worth of more than 60 Billions and World’s no 1 Site, Hardcore Coder who began a Website for his College and Dropped out as a result of same. This year he Invented his Jarvis as well. CEO of Facebook, Passionate runner, Best CEO and so forth.

5. Jeff Bezos : He is the man in charge of each buy you make at Amazon. An American engineer,investor, and giver who is best known as the author, administrator, and CEO of Settled on 1$ Salary he is presently arranging utilization of AI for conveyances being made to his customers.

Let us know if any new list of world popular Top 5 Tech CEOs in our techno world.

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