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Cloud services became popular these days. Many websites are offering online storage for free of cost. The maximum file size that you can transfer through your mail is 25MB. That too you can’t transfer .exe files through mails. Then how to transfer large files size more than 25MB and .exe files?

How to Transfer Large Files Online for Free?

There are many online storage websites available which lets you upload, share/download  and transfer large files online.

1. Dropbox is a free online storage you can store upto 2.5 GB data online for free. Upload any file to dropbox create link of that file. Share that link whomever you want so that they can download the file. If you upload file through desktop application there is no size limit. Through website you can upload max 300MB size file. To know how to create a file link in dropbox click here

2. Google Drive – Google Drive offers free storage upto 5GB. The maximum file size is 10GB. Once you upload any file, you can share that file online with any of your contacts.

google drive document sharing

3. Send Large Files It is a free website that allows user to send large files for free. Maximum file size  is 1GB.

4. Rapidshare – Rapidshare allows you to upload file of any size. Your upload will be stored for 30 days after that download link expires.

All these websites let you upload, share/download and transfer large files online.

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