Turtle Beach Stealth 350vr Review : Newest PSVR Headset

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ps4 pro virtual reality - newest turtle beach headset

Turtle Beach Stealth 350vr Review

Turtle Beach 350VR headset, a best smartphone vr headset that gives audie experience and takes high into new virtual reality world. This stealth vr virtual reality headset works with wide range of VR headsets including PlayStationtVR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift etc.

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ps4 pro virtual reality - newest turtle beach headset

                                                               Stealth vr virtual reality headset

Turtle Beach – VR Stealth Headset Review

Turtle Beach has come up with Stealth 350 VR that is compatible with PlayStation VR and other gaming devices in the market. Good audio quality is integral to VR video game immersion. In fact, virtual gaming comes alive with apposite sound designs placed within the VR headset, which is far more engaging when compared to rudimentary audio ports. The quality of VR games is not only about the gaming soundtrack, but there are other considerations as well, such as all general sounds, for example weapon sounds, voice acting, etc. The fact that VR is the most immersive gaming experience in the world makes it more pertinent than ever. Players wanting to get the most out of their VR experience should have access to the top-notch sound design.

Incredible 3D sounds for realism – Stealth 350vr Review

Stealth 350 VR comes from the superior range of sound peripherals tailored to meet the budget and needs of the gaming community. The headphone uses 50mm over-the-ear speakers that delivers an intense high audio with distinct lows as well. The sound produced is of 3D quality which makes your VR experience more enjoyable. On a single charge, the battery powered amplification of the Stealth 350 VR lasts for over 30 hours. The headset comes with a variable bass boost feature that adds depth and realism to the VR gaming audio. The Stealth 350 VR has been designed in such a way so as to fit suitably in the PlayStation VR headband. A special channel in the headband provides clearance for overhead cables in Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

Superior comfortable head fit – Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 350vr

Apart from the sound quality, a gaming headset should be comfortable to wear, especially for extended periods of time. Of all the previous Turtle Beach gears, Stealth 350 VR provides the most comfort. The headphone sports an over-the-ear design that comes with cushioned ear cups made from memory foam. The design slips easily over your PSVR headset and seldom needs adjustment. It fits nicely no matter how stretched or shrinked. For instance, if your friend needs a bigger headset space, the gear sits suitably well in the preferred position. Again, if you want to team it with your headgear it hardly distorts and retains its original shape. Volume dials are located near the left ear cup. Hoping no confusion on What are PSVR headphones.

Microphone characteristics – Turtle Beach Stealth 350vr

A detachable microphone supports superior noise cancellation that allows players to engage with other online gamers. But, the audio adjustable feature of the microphone piece isn’t as intuitive as the higher end gears in the line. All the Stealth 350 VR dials and inputs are located in the left ear cup, including a micro-USB charging port, mic jack, volume control dials, 3.5mm jack, power switches, and more.

Impressive Battery life – VR Stealth Headset Review

The Stealth 350 VR battery life on a single charge gives 30 hours of sufficient play time. Although the sound quality is adequate, it lacks the quality of some of the expensive products in the line.


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The headset is tailored to create an engaging VR experience. So, what does it add to the line that the other headset doesn’t? While the amplified 3D audio is a nice touch, the sound comprises of a lot of bass. Compared to the other headphones from Turtle Beach, Stealth 350 VR is by far the most comfortable wear.

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