Watch USA TV Channels Online with UnoTelly

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Due to selective censorship we can access some websites and TV channels in only some regions. For example we can’t access channels like Netflix, Hulu outside USA. These days internet has spread across the world across different devices. To demolish the geo-restriction UnoTelly has come up with an intelligent solution called UnoDNS. It allows user to access USA TV channels outside USA on any device like TV, computer, smartphone, tablet and Xbox. Before setting up UnoDNS if you try to access Hulu you will get a message like in below pic.

Hulu Before UnoDNS Setup

UnoTelly UnoDNS Service

The setup is simple just find any 2 servers near to your location on UnoDNS Global DNS Clusters and update the ip addresses in your network settings. You can find UnoDNS setup instructions for different devices here. After UnoDNS setup you can access Hulu channel like in below pic.

Hulu After UnoDNS Setup

UnoTelly Features

High Speed Connection allows you to stream videos without any interruption.
Unlimited Bandwidth allows you to watch channels as much as you want.
UnoDNS supports all devices like TV, computer, smartphone, tablet and gaming devices like Xbox.
24/7 instant support helps customers to resolve their service problems quickly.
100% money back offer refunds your full money back if you are not satisfied with the service.

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