What is Semantic Search?

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The scope of internet is vast. It became part of  our life. Search engines made usage of internet even better. People search whatever they want in web and the search engine will show results relevant to user’s search query.

What is Semantic Search?

Semantic search is nothing but understanding the actual meaning of the words in a search query entered by a user in search box. For example if you type jaguar in search box. Jaguar may be a car brand or animal. The search query goes through a knowledge database that discovers relationship with other words and facts in the search query.

How does it effects SEO?

Usually search engine finds the keywords in the webpages if they are relevant to the search query  that webpage will be shown in search results. Where as semantic search not only look for keywords but it also do contextual analysis. It checks whether the query meaning is actually matching with content of the post. For this contextual analysis google uses a knowledge database which contains all the queries searched by people. Normally people use different truncated forms of the same query. The aim of the search engine is to answer the user’s query and with semantic search you are able to get exactly what are you are looking for.

Semantic Search

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