Find What is your IP Address, Location, Browser and Operating System

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What is IP Address?

An Internet Protocol Address best known as IP Address is an unique number assigned to every electronic device that has the capability to connect to Internet and form a network. There are two types of ip addresses public ip address and private ip address. A public ip address is an ip address number assigned by InterNIC and consist of class-based network IDs or blocks of CIDR-based addresses. Using public ip address one can access other device over the internet. Where as private ip address is local ip address assigned to a device in local area network. Tech Knol displays your public ip address.

What is Location?

Location is nothing but your position on the globe. Tech Knol uses your GPS (Global Positioning System) or IP address to locate your position on the map. If your device has GPS Tech Knol will show your exact location else based on your ISP IP Tech Knol will show your location approximately.

What is ISP?

Internet Service Providers short for ISP are telephone companies or telecommunication network providers which offers services such as internet access or mobile network etc. Tech Knol detects your ISP IP and displays your ISP name.

What is Browser?

A web browser short for browser is software that retrieves and presents information resources on the world wide web. Each information resource is identified with a unique URI/URL (Uniform Resource Identifier). Tech Knol will show you what web browser you are using.

What is Operating System?

An operating system is a collection of software that uses computer hardware to provide services and functionalities. Operating system is the heart which runs Application software. Tech Knol detects your operating system and displays it.


Whatever information you are seeing on this page is dynamically generated and will be different from visitor to visitor. Your Privacy is very important to us. Tech Knol won’t track any user information. As time rolls on we will add few more tracking features

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