What is Youtube Monetization?

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YouTube is a largest video sharing website. YouTube allows billions of people to discover, watch and share videos. Most of the videos are uploaded by individuals only. Youtube exceeded 2 billion views a day, 100 hours of videos are uploaded each minute.

How to monetize YouTube videos?

With YouTube monetization you can make some decent income. For that upload videos created by you. If your videos get some decent number of views then apply for YouTube partner program. YouTube partner program is a revenue sharing program where content owners can monetize their videos. Then YouTube will review your application if you meet their requirements then you will be invited to monetize your YouTube videos.

youtube monetization

How YouTube monetization works?

While watching YouTube videos you might have observed ads with skip option. YouTube will place relevant ads in or beside your video. When user clicks or views the ad you will get paid. You can enable YouTube  monetization for your videos in settings page of your YouTube channel. Make sure that videos submitted are originally created by you. If you upload videos created by others you will face copyright hits and content ID claims which will disable monetization on your channel.

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