What is White Hat SEO and Tips for Bloggers

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White Hat SEO

What is White Hat SEO ?

Search engine optimization is nothing but optimizing your website or blog to perform better in search engines like Google, Yahoo. Similarly White Hat SEO is nothing but optimizing your website for search engines abiding to search engines terms and conditions. In short White Hat SEO is an ethical way of optimizing your website for search engines.

White Hat SEO Tips for Bloggers

Quality Content – Write quality and unique post which users like. Think about keywords users will search and include them naturally in your content. If you are using images use ALT tags for Images thus you will also get image search engine traffic. Checkout Image Search Engine Optimization.

Titles and Metas – Give your post a proper Title and write a 2 to 3 lines Meta description about the post.

Responsive Theme – Make sure your theme is responsive that looks great on any device. Check your blog on Tablet, Smartphone and see how your blog looks on different devices. Checkout Responsive Web Design.

Webmaster Tools – Submit your blog to Google, Bing Webmaster Tools and index your blog in search engines. Checkout How to Submit Website or Blog to Google Yahoo Bing.

Crawl Errors – Make sure you take care of crawl errors like 404 (Page Not Found). By default every WordPress theme comes with a custom 404 page. But Blogspot bloggers should manually update it. Checkout Custom 404 page for Blogspot Blog.

Permalinks – Permalinks are nothing but permanent urls of your individual blog posts. It is always recommend to use blogname followed by postname. Checkout Permalinks for Blogspot Blogs and WordPress Permalinks SEO.

Link Building – Build some quality backlinks by submitting your posts in blogger communities and in social sites like facebook, twitter etc. Backlinks are very crucial to increase your blog’s rank in search engines. Checkout Advanced Link Building Guide.

Hope! this post helped you in understanding White Hat SEO tactics to improve your blog’s search engine rankings.

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