Windows Phone 8 Review and Features

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Microsoft released a series of products previous year. Probably 2012 is Microsoft’s year. Microsoft released it’s new os Windows 8 earlier this year with a great user interface. Recently Microsoft came up with a tablet called Surface which runs on Windows 8.

Microsoft’s earlier version of mobile os Windows Phone 7 was a flop. But this time Microsoft revamped windows phone 7 and came up with Windows phone 8 os. Users with windows phone 7 can upgrade to windows phone 7.5. But to experience windows phone 8 there is no other choice we must buy new mobile device which runs on windows phone 8.

Windows Phone 8 Features

1. Live Tiles –  Windows Phone 8 start screen has Tiles which are inherited from Windows 8 os. You can customize home screen. Tiles can be re-sized. You can see live updates like social  feeds, email  alerts, messages instantly on home screen Tiles without launching the app.

Windows Phone 8 Features

2. Latest and Greatest Hardware – Windows Phone 8 is  built for multi-core chipsets. It supports higher screen resolutions. It also has Micro SD card slot, now you can take your files with you.

Windows Phone 8 hardware

3. IE-10 – Windows Phone 8 has pre-installed internet explorer 10 which has default do not track option for increased privacy.

4. Maps – Nokia and Bing collaborated to bring the best experience of mobile maps. Like turn by turn navigation, satellite view etc.

5. Wallet Experience – Windows Phone 8 has in built virtual wallet feature which saves your credit, debit card or Membership or Loyalty Cards details. You can pay using NFC technology.

6. Speech Recognition – Windows Phone 8 has a powerful voice recognition technology. Even better than Apple’s Siri. Windows Phone 8 voice recognition can give commands to apps too.

7. Windows OS – Built from the core technology of windows so you can expect same security from Windows Phone 8 too. Games which run on Windows 8 OS also runs on Windows Phone 8.

8. Windows Store – Windows Phone 8 has access to Windows store for downloading apps, music, videos. Fastest growing app store having more than 100000 apps.

Windows Phone 8 Review

Windows Phone 8 Review


* Fast and fluid interface.
* New look of Home screen with Live Tiles.
Multi-Platform support.
Internet explorer 10 with privacy option.
* Scope of Windows phone 8 is more.


1. Few apps in windows appstore.
2. It takes time to understand the functionality.

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