World’s Fastest Internet

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These days internet is everywhere. The number of people taking broadband connections are increasing day by day. With internet people are able to communicate with people across the world, watch videos online and get the information what they want using search engines.

Earlier internet speed was too low. For watching a youtube video user has to buffer  for longer time. But now people can watch online videos without buffering. Now a days broadband plans also became very affordable. For businesses internet is a must to share the data online and to collaborate with the clients all over the world. The average broadband speed is 4 Mbps.

Now we are living in a 4G world. With the invention of 3G and 4G technologies people are surfing net at blazing speeds. The average 3G speed is 6 Mbps and the average 4G speed is 15 Mbps. 3G technology is available in almost all developed countries. But 4G technology is yet to be introduced in most of the countries.

Google Fiber


Google introduced a service called google fiber providing 1 Gbps internet connection. That’s 100 times faster than a traditional broadband connection. Including internet google also providing free 1 TB cloud storage with the data plan $70/month. There is option of getting TV channels by paying a bit more $120/month, it includes a Google Nexus 7 tablet free which can be used as a remote control.

World’s Fastest Internet

World's Fastest Internet

So far we thought google fiber is the world’s fastest internet but we are wrong. World’s fastest internet is tested at a SuperComputing conference in Seattle. Scientists and researchers have set a new record by transferring data at a speed of 186 Giga bits per second (Gbps). It is equivalent to moving two Million Gigabytes or 100,000 full Blu-ray discs in a single day. Now we can surf internet at lightning speeds. So what would you do if you have that much speed internet connection with you? 

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  1. Wow! it makes my work much easier. Even though i am fine with my current internet speed, this is something which sounds interesting and exciting. Thanx for the info 🙂

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