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Cross-platform Mobile App Development

Xamarin – Cross-platform Mobile App Development

Xamarin developer… who is he and what are his responsibilities?
Are you interested in Cross-platform mobile app development?

Do you hear about the word Xamarin? Have you come across this cross-platform technology, which is making a lot of noise in the software technology industry today? Are you a tech-savvy and do you want to learn Xamarin? Then don’t waste a single second to read on the below document and learn more about Xamarin mobile application development.

Cross-platform Mobile App Development

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What is Xamarin?

Xamarin, one of the powerful and effective cross-platform development tools, which enables the developers to build mobile applications by sharing a single C# code amid all major platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows.

The main advantage of the Xamarin is – unlike the conventional mobile development methodologies, the developers need not to craft a separate code for each platform instead they can use the same code to develop the app on multiple platforms, but by making a few minor changes in the UI.

Xamarin, which is a part of the C# programming language has become a very powerful yet robust tool to develop both native and hybrid applications as well for all major platforms. The very best part of this user-friendly tool is that developers can easily design, develop, integrate, and test mobile applications.

This cross-platform tool mainly speeds up the application development process and helps the companies to launch the app before their predefined time. In a recent investigation, it has found that over 37500 developers and over 100’s of tech consulting companies has been using the Xamarin tool to develop the effective and incredible native apps.

Why Use Xamarin?

It’s a million-dollar question to all the beginners and even wonders about why to use Xamarin technology. But, after knowing the robust nature behind the Xamarin cross-platform technology, they would surely prefer Xamarin over other methodologies to develop cross-platform apps.

Xamarin uses C# technology to develop hybrid and native mobile applications for platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, MAC, etc. by sharing the same code between all. The main purpose of C# is to share business objects, data access layers and app logic over all the platforms.

The user-friendly cross-platform also permits the developers to access APIs and objects to check the interface between Android and iOS. On the flip side, Xamarin also provides responsive design, .Net library, language constructs, Xamarin studio, modern IDE, etc. Instead of writing lengthy codes, Xamarin developers can easily save their quality time as Xamarin allows using 75% of the common code for the application that has to be developed on various mobile app development platforms.

Many Software startup companies have a professional team of Xamarin developers, who have an abundance of knowledge on Xamarin technology and experience in building apps as well. Well, if you want to build the cross-platform mobile app, these startup companies surely make its presence in your mind to convert your brilliant ideas into action in the form of the customer-centric mobile app.

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