Xbox One – The Next Generation Gaming Console

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Microsoft breaks the news about its new generation gaming device Xbox one to take on the Sony PS4. With Xbox One Microsoft entered a new spell of console gaming. It is described as flawless all in one entertainment system by integrating live tv, games, movies and other web services.

Xbox One

Xbox One Kinect

Kinect has many improvements compared to Xbox 360. Most interesting feature in new Kinect is we can control it by using Kinect’s improved voice recognition system.  It can be turned on by simply saying “Xbox on”. Kinect’s improved camera tracks the every movement and gestures perfectly.

Xbox One Kinect

Xbox One Controller

 Xbox One Controller

It is mostly same as that of 360. The biggest change from game play point of view is it will give vibrating feedback due to redesigned triggers. The pad uses AA batteries.

Upgraded Xbox live

live is the most popular online gaming platform so far, but the number servers are just limited. Microsoft is expanding in order to ensure you instant access to your games. You can turn on the Xbox by simply talking to it. Kinect recognizes you and takes you straight to your personalized home screen.

Xbox One games

Because of its distinct architecture from to that of previous xbox consoles, it will not be compatible with any other 360 games. so Microsoft will release 15 games in the first Xbox One life cycle.

Xbox One Specs

Xbox One Specs

x86 8-core AMD CPU
USB 3.0 ports
500GB hard drive
Connectivity 802.11n Wi-Fi
Blu Ray Player
HDMI-OUT, HDMI-IN for watching live tv.

 Xbox One Release Date and Price

Sadly, Microsoft didn’t announced the release date of Xbox One.  Even though this didn’t  stop pre-ordering. Coming to the price  the guessing figures are around  £599.

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