YouTube SEO – How to Get More Views on YouTube

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YouTube is the second most used popular search engine with few billion video views each day. YouTube is also one of the income sources for publishers through YouTube partners program. But most of the YouTube publishers always complain they are not getting more views for their videos and subscribers for their channel. The problem is they are not optimizing their videos and channel. As bloggers optimize their content for search engines we should also optimize YouTube videos to get more views and subscribers. In this post we will discuss the complete YouTube seo that will help you to increase your video views and subscribers base.

YouTube SEO – How to Get More Views on YouTube

YouTube One Channel

Recently YouTube has come up with a new channel layout called YouTube One Channel. With YouTube One Channel branding works across all devices like PC, Notebook, Smartphone and Tablet. Now you can control channel icon, channel art, links to social sites and video sections. For example see the below Red Bull channel layout we marked different sections of the channel.

YouTube One Channel

Typically channel icon would be your brand logo and the channel art would be something currently trending in your company or services provided by your company. Finally links help you to connect your YouTube channel to your company website and your social media profiles. That’s it we have done optimizing the appearance part of YouTube One Channel.

Next important part is description of your channel. Describe about your company or product in 2 or 3 lines. If you are a blogger write a short description about the topics you are going to cover in your blog. For example the following pic shows channel description of a technology blog.

YouTube Channel Description

YouTube One Channel has come up with a new feature called Channel Trailer. It allows channel owner to upload a video which will be shown to every new channel visitor. Also whenever a user tries to unsubscribe from your channel it will show the trailer reminding the user what he/she is going to miss if they unsubscribe from your channel.

YouTube Channel Trailer

Ideally your trailer should tell the users the stuff you are going to cover in your YouTube videos, how often you are going to upload new videos and at the end don’t forget to ask visitors to subscribe to your channel. Your channel trailer should be a 30 seconds to 1 minute video. For creating trailer you don’t need to approach any ad agency. Just sit in front of your PC or Notebook cam, explain about your YouTube channel and add background music to it. Also you can create a slideshow of your services add background music that’s it your YouTube channel trailer is ready to upload. With this you are done with creating a YouTube channel with your brand identity. Below is Tech Knol channel trailer.

YouTube Video SEO

Once you have created a channel the next thing you do is uploading new videos. While uploading a new a video you have to take care of many things.

1. Video Title – Before giving a title to your video we recommend you to do some research in YouTube how related videos have titles and also search in Google how related posts have titles. Your video title should be in such a way it should be most searching phrase.

2. Video Description – Write a 2 to 3 lines description about your video and make sure description is matching with your video title. If you have any related blog post give link to your post in the description.

3. Tags – Tags will categorize your videos. Add appropriate tags to your video Don’t add too many tags because YouTube may get confused in identifying what is this video about. Add maximum of 3 or 4 tags.

4. Custom Thumbnail – Previously once your upload is done YouTube will show 3 images from the video you uploaded to select any one of them as thumbnail. But now you can create your own image with video title and upload it as video thumbnail.

5. Annotations – Sometimes when you are watching any YouTube video you might have observed bubble speech boxes and text boxes appearing on the video. When clicked on the links you will be redirected some other YouTube video or webpage. These are annotations which increases user engagement on your YouTube video.

6. Captions – Slang varies from region to region. It is difficult for some people to understand what you are saying in the video. Then captions will help people understand your video. Thus your video reaches larger audience. If you upload captions or transcript YouTube will understand what your video is about and thus it’s an additional seo benefit. If you don’t upload any captions file YouTube will automatically generate captions using their speech recognition mechanism.

YouTube Video Editor

7. Branding Watermark – Now you can feature your brand logo across all your videos on the right corner of the video. When any new visitor places cursor on the logo it asks for the subscription thus increases subscribers base.

8. Feature Video – With feature video option you can showcase one of your best videos across all your videos at the bottom of every video. Thus your best video reaches even more audience. Branding Watermark and Feature Video you can find under InVideo Programming of your YouTube channel settings.

YouTube SEO

9. Embed Your Video – After publishing your video embed your video in relevant blog post so that your blog visitors will also get chance to watch your video. More over number of embeds indicates the popularity of the video.

10. Socialize Your Video – Share your video on your social profiles like facebook, twitter, google+ and pinterest. So that people from different social networks will watch your video which increases views count in turn increases your video popularity.

YouTube Video Best Practices

1. Always show your video title in the beginning.
2. If you are a blogger show your blog url and social profiles at the end of the video
3. If you are creating a how-to video always make sure your surroundings are calm.
4. It’s good to add smooth background music to your YouTube videos. You can download background music from YouTube Audio Library.

If you think our post helped you in optimizing your YouTube channel and videos kindly subscribe to our YouTube Channel. We cover seo, WordPress and Social Media tips.

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  1. Actually i haven’t started any youtube Chanel or uploaded any of the videos. I thought it was really hard to rank a youtube video. I’m gonna soon create a video on youtube.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Anil,
    I got this URL by Quick-sprout forum. This is really help for adding water mark brand logo in the top of the video. Before that i don know how to add the transcript now it is easier. One small doubt. You have mentioned some YouTube music here – may i use this in my video means it will arise copyright issues?

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