10 Tips to become a Successful Blogger

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Become a Successful Blogger – What Makes A Top Blogger

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How To Become An Influential Blogger

In this digital technology days, being a beginner blogger is easy, but to become a successful blogger is needed a lot of efforts continuously. Do you know, digital blogging is one of the best online sources of income nowadays, and many pro bloggers are earning a good amount of money per month with their blog. But, earning a good amount of money per month is not easy because to get this ProBlogger position, you must have to learn some habits in your successful blogging which will make you a professional blogger.

Everyone can create a blog. There are many websites providing Blogging service. Just choose your blogging platform Bloggers vs WordPress, give your blog a name, choose your blog URL and start posting. There are millions of blogs available on the web. Initially, every blogger is very aggressive in posting stuff but after few months slowly they lose interest. There are many reasons to drop down from blogging. Maybe they are not satisfied with their earnings or because of their busy work schedule.  Only a few people became successful Bloggers overcoming all the hurdles. Following are the tips to become a successful Blogger.Successful-blogger

10 Tips to become a successful blogger:

1. Know Your Interest – Before creating a blog identify the area in which you are interested in. Then create a blog of your interest. For example if you love technology create a tech blog. Next you have to choose your Blog title and URL. Here you have to remember one thing if you are creating a technology blog that doesn’t mean your blog URL should have tech term in it. Always try to select unique title and URL to your blog.

2. SEO, The Oxygen – A blog without SEO is a human body without oxygen. Ultimately a blogger should aim for more search traffic. To receive more organic traffic one must rank good in the search results. For better search rank you must implement SEO on your blog. You can check our complete Blogger SEO guide and complete WordPress SEO guide.

3. Be Creative – Your blog content should be in a such a way that readers should show interest in visiting your blog. In my personal experience creative titles attract more visitors Ex: Google PageSpeed Service – Turbocharge Your Website. Another thing is you should become a good storyteller. I mean in your post you have to explain the problem and the solution to overcome the problem. Visitors love your blog when you solve the problem for which they visited your website.

4. Don’t Beat Around the Bush – Do not say the same point again and again because readers will get bored. Of course, Google loves the lengthy content but doesn’t mean that you should publish the lengthy post on every topic. Some posts are sweet when they are short and some needs more explanation hence they become lengthy posts.

5. Be Interactive – Writing posts is not enough, your content should be engaging. You should pose some questions to your visitors. Maintain your own voice in the content. Create forums and involve in the discussions. Try to give reply to every comment. Offer some giveaways to your readers.

6. Appreciate Other’s Work – Being a blogger you should have the habit of appreciating other Blogger’s work and also suggestions by readers. I seriously recommend you to visit other bloggers in your niche and interact with them through comments and via social media.

7. Be Consistent – Don’t just create the blog and leave it. Publish new articles consistently. Maintain a frequency, at least 3 to 4 articles per week. Because consistent posting will improve your ranking in Google and also increases trust in your readers.

8. Socialize Your Blog –  Create social profiles like Facebook fan page, twitter account and Google+ page for your blog. Share your every new blog post on your social profiles. Social signals likes Facebook shares, tweets, +1s are also Google ranking factors.

9. Make Some Decent Income – If your blog has good traffic then you can earn some decent income. There are different ways to earn through your blog. Through Google AdSense program or through some other affiliate programs.

10. Slow and Steady wins the Race – I have seen many new bloggers are comparing themselves to pro-bloggers and at some point they feel disappointed looking at their earnings and visitors. Blogging is not a quick scheme to start earning thousands of dollars. As a newbie you should concentrate on publishing quality content and over a period of time your content will bring you more visitors hence improves your earnings.


First, believe in what you are doing, put all your efforts towards it. Then some or other day you’ll enjoy the fruits of your work. Blogging needs consistency, patience, and little bit creativity. There is no secret to get succeed in Blogging, all you have to do is hard work. Finally content is king, always publish in detailed quality articles.

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