3 Best Gaming Laptops under 1000

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Top 3 Best Gaming Laptops under 1000

Gaming laptop are costly, everyone knows that as they cost you fortune for getting the best gaming laptop but that concept is in past. In such huge market and so much competitors that are keen to provide the best to their user can’t make a friendly budget gaming laptop, that totally wrong. As from now, worrying about getting a laptop that can fill the gaming purpose along with best tech and cost you some petty cash, is just the thing you want.

There are some good laptops with all the best gaming components that any fortune gaming laptop have are in the market and in this article, we are gonna give you a little tour to get the best gaming laptop with your small savings.

These laptops have the tendency to play the highest graphic requirement games like Assassin Creed, Tom Clancy’s, Call of Duty Infinity War and much more with the best performance, standard the giving you every inch of the game filed all the way. In this article we will guide you the best budget gaming laptops under 1000 with all tiny details.

1. MSI GF 63 8RD

A best laptop for the entry level gamer who don’t want to spend fortune on getting all the setting and details that they can’t handle or use but this laptop is designed in way to give you the most recommended settings of gaming peripheral within $1000. Moving to its design, spec and performance all are perfect for any laptop with gaming console.


Sleek, aesthetic with black and red dragon design give the look of any costly gaming laptop. The laptop has black and red colored design, a perfect gadget for gaming with a upper top screen pentagon cover put an extra attractive look.

With black aluminum fined and with red RGB keyboard backlighting all are indicating the red zone for gaming user. At the back side is the logo of MSI red dragon with the dimension of 14.1×10.8×0.85 inches (LxWxH) and plastic body will not cost you a lot if it has a fingerprint near the trackpad.


Backed up by Intel tech of Core i7 8750H CPU with 2.2 GHz speed and giving you the graphical resolution with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti is best part. The laptop has 4 GB of virtual memory and can support from 16 to 256 GB of RAM. The storage capacity of laptop is 1TB provided by PCIe SSD hard drive and display is 15.6 inches that gives the highest resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.


Performance standard is up-to mark like other fancy gaming laptops but still you can’t play the featured games with the highest graphical resolution. The laptop give the most high resolution gameplay with no lag or shrinking the game graphic details. The laptop is good for new gamers and will not disappoint you on the way.

2. Asus TUF Gaming FX504

The gaming peripheral is not yet done with you and there is another best under budget gaming laptop that will shock you for what they offer under that budget. Best for the budget and give you the most high-resolution game setting but still not like the gaming laptop that can cost you fortune. Let’s have a look what really inside Asus laptop.


Again, with black and red aluminum finish with little bit of style at the back of top screen is the least thing can be expected by the games. With angular and lifted back of the screen with Asus logo at back is aesthetic.

Talk about the dimension of the laptop which are 15.1×10.3×1 (LxWxH) little lengthier then the MSI but who is looking at that. The weight of the laptop is 5.1 pound. All the ports are at left side of the laptop supporting HDMI, Ethernet, 3 usb ports (two 2.0 and one 3.0) along with charger port and microphone while the other side have just one Port.

The keyboard is finished with red RGB backlighting alongside a trackpad which have also red finished line.


The laptop is not much less than other except it has core i5 intel processor instead of core i7, but it has 2.3 GHZ processor which higher then MSI. The GPU of the laptop is GTX 1050 of Nvidia GeForce but here they give you less virtual memory of 2 GB.

The RAM is up-to 16 and storage capacity is 1TB of rpm hard drive. The GPU can give you the resolution of 1920×1080 like the most with 15.6-inch display and now you can enjoy games at most level.


The performance of the laptop in gaming console is above the average as they can support most high-resolution games at maximum ability with less lag and better performance. As the laptop have no SSD so everything gonna take little time of you to perform the action but other than that the GPU and gaming ability is good for those who have not enough to spend on costly laptop but still want to play games.

3. Dell G5 Gaming Laptop

When corporate giant like Dell give something then that worth of looking at it and Dell G5 is best gaming laptop that can be handled by everyone when it came to budget. From design, graphic to storage capacity, everything is demanding, underrated and shocking at that price. Giving it an expert look is for you to understand what can be achieved with this laptop when playing high rated games.


Pure black and rough plastic at the back of the screen while the Dell logo is embedded with red color at the middle is very well furnished. The gray colored hinges that holds the screen with four horizontal line that seem to be solid as they added the weight up-to 6.1 pounds is kind of disappointing.

The dimensions of the laptop are 15.3×10.8×1 inches in length, width and height while the weight is too high mostly close to MSI laptop. With black keycaps while the trackpad is rounded with red color is kind of worth looking. The fronts cover of the screen is dark gray closely matched with edges of the laptop.

The ethernet port, SD card slot, power and 3.0 USB port with the lock slot is on the left side while the 2 usb port, headphone and thunderbolt jack along with HDMI is on the other side.


The processor is intel core i5 8300H while the GPU unit of the laptop is Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 higher than the other laptops. The RAM is 8GB and can support 32GB. The storage of the laptop is 128 GB SSB and 1TB HDD at same time. The display of the laptop is 15.6 inches and with 1060 GTX the resolution is 1920×1080 Anti-Glare LED display.


Well looking at the spec’s details, Dell have come up the best solution for under budget games as the GPU unit is higher than the rest laptops and it can support more graphical games then other. The processor is not much high which means the laptop may not well work with battery but other than that the LED display and combo hard drive is the best packages for the gaming user.


Although these laptops are the recommended laptop for gamers who are the entry level but for professional gamers you may need to go little higher then these laptops and covering all the aspects of the laptops, they also support the better graphic requirements of most games. Sometime you may have to play at medium graphic setting for better performance and you may not get the battery level as the more component the laptop have the less became the battery power.

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