8 Google Chrome extensions that will make your life easier

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8 Google Chrome extensions that will make your life easier

Get the most juice out of your web browser!

Google Chrome is the popular Internet browser of most people around the internet world. It is fast, stable and has a great design. However, do not overlook that it has also an enormous catalog of extensions that can enhance the browsing experience in many ways, from allowing you to save articles to read them later to learning other languages in an organic way. Here are a few Chrome extensions for you.

Search by Image – Best Chrome Extensions

Now Google allows you to search with images instead of words. So you can upload a photo of an actor, a place, a meal or an animal to know what they are called. With this extension, you will avoid the work of downloading and uploading again, because you will simply have to right click on the image and then give ‘Search with this image’.

Language Immersion – Best Chrome Extensions

If you want to learn to read a language but do not have time to go to classes, a curious method that can serve you is immersion learning. This extension changes some words from a text to those of another language that you choose, so that, when reading, you can understand them by context. So, little by little, you will learn words from other languages without realizing it. Even you can’t miss important information that is written other than English!

Google Mail Checker – Best Chrome Extensions

As the name implies, this extension tells you how many messages you have in your Gmail inbox without having to enter the gmail site every time. It is especially useful for people who send many emails a day or who can’t use the cell phone at work to receive notifications.


Honey – Best Chrome Extensions

If your geek to shopping online, Honey is a best extension that you can’t miss. This will analyze the site where you are buying, look for discount coupons online and apply them automatically. Having this extension installed, you’ll save hundreds of dollars without having to search anything at all.

Pocket – Best Chrome Extensions

Let’s say you’re watching Facebook or Twitter and find some article that interests you, but you do not have time to read at that time. Of course, you could use the Save or Like, respectively. But all your readings are segregated. Pocket is a wonderful service that keeps for you any hyperlink online, be it an article, a page, a video, a tweet or whatever, so that you can read it later more calmly. Chrome extension makes saving links as easy as pushing a button.

OneTab – Best Chrome Extensions

The tabs give you the opportunity to have many Internet windows open ‘inside’ the same window, to save time. However, eyelashes can become an addiction and you may have ever seen yourself with 10 or more open at the same time. With this extension you can avoid feeling overwhelmed, as you sort the tabs by date so you can access them when you need them without having them always open.

Panic Button – Best Chrome Extensions

Everyone, at some point in their life, has visualized a page on the Internet that they should not be seeing. And everyone, at some point in their life, was discovered by a person while doing that, which was an uncomfortable situation. Whether you’re looking for nuclear launch codes or watching pony cartoons, Panic Button will allow you to hide all the tabs you have open at the push of a button on your keyboard.

Simple Blocker – Best Chrome Extensions

Simple Blocker is another simple extension that increases your productivity. To prevent you ‘escape’ Facebook or reddit while you work, set a schedule to block those sites. Of course, you can delete the extension at any time, but that requires extra effort that may prevent you from starting to lose.

Remote Desktop – Best Chrome Extensions

Remote Desktop is the easiest way to connect your computer to another and access it when necessary. Forgot a file at home? Get connected from work. Can’t your mom do anything? Help her from your home. It’s as easy as adding the extension on 2 computers.

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