Addictive Games for Android : Why is Everyone Playing them

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Addictive Games : Are they most Addictive Android Games

Continue your reading on Tech Knol latest technology updates article on trendy technology news about latest mobile app technology games. Find here are top addictive android games list. Whats are your addictive games from online and offline mobile phone games?

Top 3 Best Addictive games for Android

Very beginning playing games on computer was very addicting. But with the invention of a smart device Smartphone gaming becomes more addictive. Many games of different categories are available on leading app store. As mobile is portable so it behaves as a gaming console on which you can pass your time playing games.

most addictive android games

Top addictive android games

From kids to adults, everybody sticks their eyes maximum time on mobile screen in playing games. Android is the best and mostly used platform so maximum games are developed compatible to this platform. Previously I have shared about how to download iOS beta IPSW and today I am here to share names of addictive games for android. So check out the best addictive games for Android. Find below the list of most addictive android games.

Best addictive games for Android

Every mobile game developer tried their level best to make game play addictive so that they can attract many gamers. But now there is heavy competition and as there are many options so games those are addictive only can sustain their position on top in mobile games. Below I am going to list out some best addictive games for android.

Pokemon Go

best addictive games for android

Pokemon, best addictive games for android

Pokemon Go is one of the best addictive games for every platform. It is the one that is on the top of all AR games in the mobile gaming history. The gameplay of this game is totally different form other. In this game you have move around to catch Pokémon’s that use your mobile GPS system. Using mobile map you can catch and hunt every rare Pokémon’s. It will show the route and map following which you can catch pokemons. The gameplay of Pokemon Go is so addictive that while you are driving, walking around your eyes still sticks on the map for Pokémon.

Clash of Clans

top 10 addictive games for android

Clash of Clans : Popular online mobile game

It is another online mobile game that is on the top of all online PvP games. In this game you have to upgrade your village from the old civilization to the new one by collecting gold and by defeating others. Whenever you launch this game you will find many active players online. You have to train your troops for battle and also you need to spread your village. This game is downloaded by millions and known as the best mobile games. The game play of it is classy with many tools and feature which makes it addictive and its addiction is still ruling the mobile gaming platform.

Geometry Dash

addictive offline android games

Geometry Dash : Popular android game

Geometry Dash is another arcade game that holds its position on top among all mobile platform based games. This game is a bit difficult but those are dedicated gamers love to play this game. Progress rate in level on this game is difficult so it is regard as one of the challenging and addictive game for mobile. The difficulty level of this game starts from the very beginning so it throws challenge to all gamers. Mobile gamers love to accept challenges and as per gamers choice it is now one among the addictive games. Here in this game you have to save yourself from many obstacles in the route. Fly, jump and slide to avoid obstacles and to move forward to another level.

Best addictive games for android

There are many mobile games but above I have list the games those are popular and known as best addictive games for android.  Gameplay of a game need to be addictive and above listed three games are addictive and all are worth to check out. Download above games and move your gaming addiction to next level. If you liked the article then do share it with your friends and help them to get the best games for smartphone.

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