Android Jelly Bean 4.1 Features

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Android Jelly Bean 4.1

May be this is a Tech Year I must say. Tech giants like Microsoft, Google, Apple released many new products this year. This month apple released brand new iOS 6 and Microsoft released Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Windows Phone 8. Now it’s time for google. Google’s android is a grand success on mobiles. The fastest growing mobile os I must say. A year ago google released Android 4, Ice Cream Sandwich. Now google made some significant changes to it and released a brand new Android  Jelly Bean 4.1.

Features of Android Jelly Bean 4.1

1. Fast and Smooth – Improved graphics and silky transitions makes your screen fast and fluid. More reactive and uniform touch response boosts your CPU and then increases battery life.

2. Beyond Smart – Now take action right from notification screen. If you have a missed call, call back right from notification. You can expand your notification size.

3. Widgets – With Jelly Bean it’s easier to personalize your home screen. You can resize the widgets or regroup icons.

4. Photos – Snapping photos is now even faster in Jelly Bean. Swipe to see photos that you have just taken.

5. Smart Keyboard – With Android Jelly Bean dictionaries more accurate. Predicts the next word. Now you can use voice to text without any data connection(internet).

6. Accessibility – Now Swipe gestures can guess gestures from braille input and output devices via USB and Bluetooth.

7. Android Beam – Now tap to share whatever on screen to other device. You can share pics, videos, web pages, youtube videos.

8. New Google Experience – now google search is powered with knowledge graph. Now you can speak to your Jelly Bean powered android phone. You can ask answers and speak search queries.

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